Water polo for adults, masters, lifeguards, college players and varsity swimmers

The first night of masters water polo happened in Pittsburgh at a new location, Citiparks Ream Swim Pool in Mt. Washington.

Drive up to Mt. Washington on McArdle Roadway and at the top of the hill, cross over Grandview Drive and continue straight. Just after the first light, on the way down the back side of Mt. Washington, you’ll see the Ream Rec Center. The swim pool is not visible from the road. On street parking.

Water polo action
Water polo action.

See you Tuesdays, 6-7:30 pm.

Pay $5 at the door for adults, or get a yearly pass for all Citiparks pools for $30. Kids and veterans are less.

Nine steps for getting involved with Digital Badges

1. Explore the options. Decide for yourself.

Not much in life is mandatory. You can rise up to the challenge and strive to get a grip on the Digital Badges, or you can ignore them. Some individuals are going to want to learn and grow by wrestling with these challenges and opportunities. Care to engage, show initiative and try hard.

Some of the Digital Badges are going to be easy for you to get. Others are going to be out of reach for you this summer.

2. Sign in.

The youth of Pittsburgh are getting their Digital Badges with the Pgh City of Learning and adults are able to log into http://Play.CLOH.org.

3. Learn the details of what to do.

All digital badges have criteria. Some are built for skills while others are for knowledge and dispositions. Badges are earned. Take the test, be it physical, mental or of one’s character.

    • Read, study, and ask questions when confused or stuck. Seek assistance.
    • Take it all in by surfing around at category:Digital Badges.
    • Work it. Have fun. Discover. Write. Be independent too.

4. Prove it.

    • You can do it. You did it. Make sure a camera is close.
    • Prove it to others. Show off your efforts. Be a positive social force.
    • Add to the collection. Put yourself into the outcomes.
    • Improve the ebooks, the exercise collections and teach others the routines.
    • Get into the details of the documentation and share with your witnesses on this wiki.

5. Ask for your badge by posting the code snip, “Please Bestow.”

      • When the time is right, ask for your badges.
    • See /Bestowing

6. Delivery of the Digital Badges

    • Expect an email from the badge platform that delivers the badge to you.
    • Do a dance of accomplishment.

7. After their arrival, do some housekeeping.

Bits of digital dust need to be scrubbed so that different staff members don’t re-send you the same badges. Wipe that badge off of the to-do list.

    • Remove the Category: Please Bestow from the wiki page.
    • Remove the Template: Please Bestow from the wiki page.

8. The network can fuel your growth.

Being socially responsible, connected, and friendly includes outreach.

    • Tell your friends.
    • Thanks those that helped you along the way.
    • Update your resume.
    • Ping social media sites.
    • Attack again on another accomplishment.
    • Plan the next steps and sharing with others.

9. Celebrate, rinse and repeat.

    • Be involved for the long-haul.
    • Don’t change. Grow. Be mighty.

Gear up for the first day and every day of Summer Dreamers

Summer Dreamers starts in about one week, on Monday, June 29, 2015. If your child is in Swim & Water Polo, this is a great time to insure that the swimwear is on hand and in good condition. Do you have a swim suit? Do you need to get another one? We’ll be swimming every day, and even on the first day. So, be prepared.

At the South Side Giant Eagle there are goggles for sale for less than $2. Good bargain. Googles, swim caps, towels, swim suits, shorts and running shoes are all important.

Running in the afternoon in long pants and in flip-flops is frowned upon.

Forgetting a swim suite is really a downer.

Info about Citiparks Swim Pool Tags for 2015

Free Pool Passes for those 15 and younger:

Citiparks is now offering FREE swimming in all City of Pittsburgh pools for resident children, fifteen years and younger.  Parents need only to register their children at any of Citiparks’ 10 Recreation Centers across the city then bring their membership cards to the pool each day.

How do I prove I am a city resident?

Proof includes a driver’s license or state photo I.D., school I.D., utility bills, report cards, pay stubs, lease agreements or other official correspondence. Your city address must be on the identification to be valid.

How do I prove I receive welfare?

Bring a copy of your case printout. You can get this from your caseworker at the Department of Public Assistance. The printout must include a current date, your name, the name of everyone in the family you want to get tags for, and your address.


Your pool tag can be used at our indoor aquatic facility, the Oliver Bath House, or at any of our 18 outdoor facilities.  The tag is good all summer long, and can be used at our indoor pool throughout the fall, winter and spring.  The tag you purchased now expires June 1, 2016.

To avoid losing your tag, sew the tag on to your swimsuit.  You may wear the tag attached to an ankle or wristband or looped onto your swimsuit’s shoulder strap or belt loop.  For your own protection, never wear your tag on a neck chain or pinned to your suit.  Wear your tag the entire time you are at the pool.  It must be visible to the pool staff.  Citiparks will not refund or replace lost or stolen tags, so it is safest to sew on your tag.

You must have a tag to enter any of our aquatic facilities, even if you are not swimming.  The tag is your admission to the pool area.  Your admission fee helps pay for the staffing and operation of the facility.  Don’t forget, children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult 16 years or older in the water.

Tags may be revoked for violations of pool rules.

The City of Pittsburgh offers a variety of aquatic programs for people of all ages. To find out what programs are available at your pool, contact the Head Lifeguard, look online at www.citiparks.net, or call the Aquatic Division Office at:  412-323-7928.


The City of Pittsburgh’s 18 outdoor aquatic facilities opened on Tuesday, June 9, 2015, at 1:00 PM.  The outdoor swimming season ends on Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2015.  Citiparks pools will remain open through Labor Day as staffing levels permit.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday:

1:00 PM – 7:45 PM

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays:

1:00 PM – 5:45 PM

Purchase of tags:

Cash, Check or Money Order. Sorry. No Credit Card purchases.

You can purchase pool tags at the following locations:

June 9 – September 7:

At the following Aquatic Facilities:

Banksville     Phillips

Bloomfield    Ream

Highland    Riverview

Homewood    Schenley

Jack Stack    Sheraden

Magee        Sue Murray

McBride    West Penn

Moore         Westwood


Weekdays: 1:00 PM – 7:45 PM

Weekends and Holidays: 1:00 PM – 5:45 PM

Ammon – will not be selling pool tags but you can pay daily admission or purchase your tags at any of the above locations.


You can pay a daily admission fee at any of our locations.  Prices are as follows:

$5.00 for Adults (16 & older)

$3.00 for Children (3 – 15)

Children under 3 are FREE
Other fees:

Daily fee Adults (16+) $5.00 & Adult Pass (city resident, 16+) $30.00

*For more information on Citiparks Aquatics visit www.Citiparks.net,

follow @Citiparks on Twitter or call 412-323-7928.

Family and Individual Pool Tag Application

*Kids Swim FREE with a Recreation Center Membership Pass!

Head of Household:
Last Name First Name
Address: City/Zip Code:
Phone: Neighborhood: Pool You Use Most:
Type of Purchase Print the Name of the PersonWho Will Wear This Tag Type of Tag Adult (age 16+)Youth (age 3-15)Circle One Price Per Tag Circle OneRegular      DPA Total
Adult Youth  $60.00 $30.00 Military Family
Adult Youth       ID#:
Adult Youth
Adult Youth $
Adult Youth $10.00 $4.00
Adult Youth $10.00 $4.00 $
Adult $30.00 $15.00
Adult $30.00      $15.00
Youth $15.00 $7.00
Youth $15.00 $7.00 $
Active Veteran Free ID #:
Adult $20.00
Adult Youth $45.00
Adult Youth $45.00 $
Total $
Check or money order made payable to: Treasurer, City Of Pittsburgh for the total. For the public assistance discount, provide a case printout as proof that you & your family live in the City Of Pittsburgh and receive welfare.  For City of Pittsburgh residents who are disabled veterans and families of active duty military and activated reservist/guard members, pool tags are available at no cost.  Proper ID is required.

Please Do Not Write Below This Line

Clerk Location Date
Adult Tag #’s Youth Tag #’s

Your Citiparks Pool Tags May Be Used At All Citiparks Pools Including The Oliver Bath House During The Off Season.  Citiparks pools will remain open through Labor Day as staffing levels permit.  Pool tags may be revoked for violations of pool rules.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.  Replacements for lost or stolen tags must be purchased.  Your tag must be visible at all times.

“I hereby grant full permission to the City of Pittsburgh and any sponsor of this event to use my name, likeness and voice, as well as any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings or any other of this event in which I may appear for any legitimate purpose including television broadcasting of this event, the reuse of any media of this broadcast and in advertising and promotion for such broadcast and reuse.”

Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation and Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo Lead the Way in Digital Badges

by Adam Majewski, staff member and recent Pitt graduate

Head photo of Adam
Adam, Badge Champion

The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, with support from the Sprout Fund through their City of Learning initiative, is bringing tablet technology into the classroom for the Summer Dreamer Swim & Water Polo and Mindful Eating camps this summer. This development is part of an effort to improve learning outcomes in and out of the classroom and to improve technology literacy. Digital badges are set to provide the incentive, direction, and visibility for students to improve their knowledge, skills, and character. The classroom tablets are a means to both connect the summer dreamers with these badges and to provide a learning environment that teaches the precepts of technology literacy.

Digital badges provide a means of rewarding and showcasing students’ learning achievements outside of the traditional classroom setting. They are a showcase for student knowledge and skill that can be displayed across the internet as a means of demonstrating students’ career readiness or aptitude to collaborate in multi-media projects, for instance. The Pittsburgh City of Learning effort is encouraging groups like Summer Dreamers, the Carnegie Library, and Learn and Earn Summer Youth Employment Program to develop badges to showcase the skills, knowledge, and abilities that participants develop through city-wide programs. This is because preparation for the future is a task that requires the whole community, not just one institution, to achieve for the youth of the city.

The Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo program, with the help of the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, is one of the programs leading the way in this City of Learning initiative. By showcasing the knowledge and skills that prepare learners for future fitness health and employment opportunity, the digital badges for the Swim & Water Polo camp are set to dynamically improve the visibility of Pittsburgh Public School students’ learning and achievement outside the schoolroom. Coupled with the availability of tablets through the program, students will be able to display their talents better than ever before, through the internet and other digital media. These digital badges provide one more resource for students to diversify their skills and knowledge and display their talent to the rest of the community.

Recruitment for 2015 Learn & Earn Participants

If you love to swim, love to run, love to exercise. And, if you love to work with kids and play sports yourself.

Or, if you love TECHNOLOGY,

Then your job placement can be with Swim & Water Polo Camp with Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Summer Dreamers.clemente2

You can send me an email or call any time: Mark@Bloomfield-Garfield.org
My cell: 412-298-3432. More at CLOH.org.

Seeking young men and women who want to swim every day this summer. We also run and exercise. We compete in the Liberty Mile on Friday evening, July 31. If you can’t swim well, yet, we will work on that and improve this summer. We might be able to get you a lifeguard job by the end of summer (if you are old enough). Or, get you set up so you can be a guard in NEXT summer.

We are also going to play water polo. Both boys and girls too. We meet various times with sessions in mornings, afternoons and evenings. (some flexibility) We gather at PPS Langley, PPS Brashear, Citiparks Sheridan pool, Citiparks Sue Murray on Northside, Citiparks West Penn (Polish Hill), Citiparks Ream (Mt. Washington).Ammon-Pool_face_open

For technology, our efforts with DIGITAL BADGES is going to rock the city. We are getting 7-inch Android tablets to use with our camper kids and community. Our staff makes wiki pages, trades lesson plans with email, and does multi media coverng exercises, swim videos, yoga and more.

Our Tech Literacy fun is going to be HIGH — and we’ll be learning that on the job too.

Creating Literate Olympians Here

The best and brightest, those that want to be successful engineers, doctors and writers – and those that want to go far in life – do so with a sports background. Learn about your environment by stretching your limits with athletics. Physiology, biomechanics, psychology and education lessons are woven into everything we do. Understand physics by mastering a dive and underwater streamline. Learn teamwork and cooperation by scoring a goal on a counter attack in water polo.

Get to deal with, on a moment to moment basis, with the two most precious assets of Pittsburgh – without a doubt. We are working with our children. And, we are working on ourselves. Our city kids need your leadership, your spirit, your attitude that dives in and provides safety yet confidence.

Our team is working to change the city for the better. Help us. These recreational and coaching opportunities are going to make drastic improvements long-term, thanks to the work we do in the weeks to come. We are the pathfinders. The pressure is on us. We teach how to play well with others – and prove it all summer.

If you are responsible, with vigor and zest, and know how to raise your voice at the right times to cheer on a mate, sign up. You can build your career with education, health sciences, sports, recreation, life-long fitness and technology with us. Or, become a leading professional in those other fields later, after getting personal strength with us in 2015. Swim & Water Polo has been a proving ground for working the next summer in the White House as an intern in Michelle Obama’s office. Trust me: Our kids go places, and I will help you beyond this summer’s camp.

Hope you want to play hard. Make contributions. Be treated fairly. And inspire the youngsters.

BGC logo
Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation logo

Prime Time, Noon to 4 pm, M-F with Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo!
PPS sites for Swim & Water Polo is at Brashear HS & Langley K-8 (plus Faison/Homewood in east). First day of classes is Monday, June 29. Last day is Wednesday, August 5. We supervise about 200 students, grades 2 to 7. We coach the kids from noon to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

+ + +
Open invites, no cost, casual, swim lesson and rookie water polo play:

Fridays, 5 pm to 8 pm, Thelma Lovette YMCA, 2114 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (412) 315-0990
(indoors, rain or shine)WP-at-THELMA-6-5-15-crop

Mondays & Wednesdays, 6 to 7:30 pm, Lower Northside’s Citiparks Sue Murray Pool, 301 Cedar Avenue, Pgh. 15212. (412) 323-7914
(weather permitting)

Morning practices at West Penn (Mondays and Wednesdays), Sheridan (Tuesdays & Thursdays), Homewood (Tuesdays & Fridays).
(weather permitting)

Check out our 30+ DIGITAL BADGES at CLOH.org.

Thanks for the consideration:

Mark Rauterkus Mark@Rauterkus.com
PPS Summer Dreamers’ Swim and Water Polo Camp Head Coach
Varsity Boys Swim Coach, Pittsburgh Obama Academy
Recent Head Water Polo Coach, Carnegie Mellon University Women’s Club Team
Pittsburgh Combined Water Polo Team

412 298 3432 = cell

Coach, swimmers, employees get photo taken at the Y with water polo caps.
Practice at the Thelma Lovette YMCA included a game with Bob, a lap swimmer.

FAQ & A (Frequently Asked Questions & Answers)

What about a possible worker who is not a strong swimmer?
We do not need strong swimmers. After three days with a good coach, most people can be a good swimmer. Even on the first day of work, anyone with a calm approach and respect for safety can help. Sure, a kid can’t be disruptive and run and push, but a non-swimmer, for example, could help around the pool and in our sessions, by taking photos.
  1. Be okay with getting wet. If not, then help with Mindful Eating as that class doesn’t go swimming.
  2. Be okay with short nails for the summer. Long nails don’t work in water polo with scratches. If you can’t give up the glamor nails, then help with the Mindful Eating class as they are not a problem in yoga.
  3. We need people who are able to read, especially read their email.
How many Learn & Earn workers are going to help with Mindful Eating, the non-swimming workers?
The new BGC class with Summer Dreamers, “Mindful Eating, Yoga & Multimedia,” can be a placement for four individuals. Those are the workers who won’t even go to the pool. We hope for four, but the last three posts get assigned after having the swimming fully covered. The workers with the Mindful Eating class get duties with students in the classroom, garden, walking, running and doing yoga.  Non-swimmers are prime candidates for the Mindful Eating, Yoga and Multimedia class.
What about non-athletes?
In general, athletes are going to be a plus, but being athletic is not a necessary requirement to join our cadre.
Who demonstrates?
Of course, some swimmers and lifeguards are on staff already. We have people who can demonstrate a flip turn or a backhand shot.
Lifelong skill opportunity?
Getting a weaker swimmer onto the staff give the opportunity of making a lifelong skill. Becoming a good swimmer, while young, is a valued venture for this summer. It is a noble way to spend the summer and time on the job.
We want some hardship and struggles with some of the kids who might be a weak swimmer on the first days. We will roll out the red carpet for the ‘weaker swimmers.’ Being a strong swimmer isn’t a factor for our expectations and joy.
Getting non-swimmers up to speed soon — is welcomed. Let’s not delay the start and have the days of summer pass without improvements.
Our first practice / interview was Friday, June 12, 5 to 8 pm at the Thelma Lovette YMCA. And, Monday and Wednesday nights from 6 to 7:30 at the Northside’s Sue Murray Swim Pool too. Those are, in part, tryouts for job candidates with me as much as the other way around.
What about more work when this ends?

The youth in the Learn & Earn Job Program could migrate to other jobs as soon as August. Working with the BGC Swim & Water Polo can put them into a great position to be employed with a different job with many additional hours and at a higher rate for next summer.

Some can choose to do year-round activities at their school by being a part of the water polo teams and swim teams. Or, they can be join other sports teams too and benefit from the conditioning and strength we’ll we working on this summer.

Some can move to get year-round jobs at the swim pool with our expanding aquatics programs that could and should continue in a year-round calendar. Plus, some can get hired to be a lifeguard elsewhere.

How many Learn & Earn workers are placed with the BGC Swim & Water Polo?
Thirty is the goal. The 2015 summer expectations are for getting 20 or more Learn & Earn students from NLA and 10 or more from the BGC.
Summer activities are jazzed for plenty of LEARN & EARN participants — even beyond the 30. It is sad to have so few that games are hard to form. Capacity isn’t much of a factor.
Where? What neighborhoods around town host these aquatic events?
Activities are scheduled throughout the city from east to west, from central to south: Homewood, Hill District, Northside, Mt. Washington, South Hills, West End, Polish Hill, are on the schedule now.
Location shouldn’t be a limiting factor, regardless of where you live in the city.
Can work happen out of the sun?
Swim & Water Polo happens in 2015 at three different school sites and some of them swim at indoor pools. If you work at Brashear High School, an indoor pool, it would be possible to be avoid the full day of outdoors activities.

Outreach to BGC’s Learn & Earn Job Candidates

BGC Job Placement Option: Swim & Water Polo with Coach Mark

If you love to swim, love to run, love to exercise. And, if you love to work with kids and play sports yourself, ….

Or, if you love TECHNOLOGY….

Then you should talk with Coach Mark Rauterkus about a BGC job placement with efforts in Swim & Water Polo Camps and with PPS Summer Dreamers.

Cell: 412-298-3432

A limited number of spots are available to young men and women who want to swim every day this summer. We also run and exercise. If you can’t swim well, yet, we will work on that and improve this summer. We might be able to get you a lifeguard job by the end of summer (if you are old enough). Or, get you set up so you can be a guard in NEXT summer.

We are also going to play water polo. Both boys and girls too. We hope to get most of you to also join our fall water polo team that is going to be with students from high school and middle school from Obama, Sci-Tech, U-Prep, Westinghouse, and others. That is called Pittsburgh Combined.

Digital Badge / Teamwork
Digital Badge / Teamwork

The technology efforts with DIGITAL BADGES is going to rock the city. We are getting dozens of 7-inch Android tablets to use with our camper kids. Our staff is going to make wiki pages, be trading lesson plans with email, and doing multi media efforts too with exercises, swim videos, yoga and more. Our Tech Literacy fun is going to be demanding and good for the motivated learner and self directed who can communicate well. We’ll be learning that on the job too.

We can talk more about duties, placements, times, skills and building your career with education, health sciences, sports, recreation, life-long fitness and technology at 9 am on Tuesday morning at the ENEC offices on Penn Ave. Come casual.

5321 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224   (412) 362-8580

Feel free to email a reply directly to coach.

There are no promises or offers yet — just a chance to think about what you might like to do this summer and an invite to meet on Tuesday morning, 9 am, Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center,

Mark Rauterkus   Mark@Bloomfield-Garfield.org    412-298-3432   http://CLOH.org