UPDATE: U-Prep Permission Slip for Swim & Water Polo — Urgent Turn Around Please


So sorry. The field trip has been called off as per messages from central office at Pittsburgh Public Schools. Ugh. So sad. We got on-site approval. Had the support of the water polo organizers. They were excited to have us come and watch as well. Then we make up the permission slips. Plus, we had almost universal buy-in from the guardians and the kids. Almost everyone had turned back a signed permission slip. Finally, the day before our slated trip — Thursday — today — we got the bad news. Can’t go. We won’t get to stray off campus at all in 2017. Really disappointed. We had done this in the past with Swim & Water Polo as part of Summer Dreamers.


Dear Guardians of Students in Swim & Water Polo activity at U-Prep:

The enclosed permission slip needs your attention and prompt return to the Swim & Water Polo teachers at U-Prep as we want to hike with all of our students from U-Prep to Pitt’s campus this week (on either Thursday or Friday) to watch water polo tournament games.

We seek your permission to walk to Pitt’s Tree’s swim pool to be spectators of these high-level games among high school players from around the region. After the 15-minute walk, we’ll observe the action and setting for about an hour. We’ll share many teachable moments and return to U-Prep in plenty of time for the regular bus ride at the end of the camp day. This field trip is to happen within the regular day’s activities at regular times in the afternoon activity. Of course, an early dismissal on that day would not be practicable.

Going on either Thursday or Friday depends upon weather, tournament schedule and getting a group of signed permission slips returned. Please have your child return this form to the Swim & Water Polo Coaches or else insert the signed form in the envelope for permission slips for Swim & Water Polo at the office.


Coach Mark Rauterkus

412-298-3432, Mark@Rauterkus.com https://CLOH.org

+ + + + Return to Camp U-Prep office or give to Swim & Water Polo teachers + + + +

Guardian’s Name: ___________________________

Phone #: ___________________________

Student’s Name(s): ___________________________

I give permission for my child to hike off campus from Camp U-Prep to Pitt’s swim pool to watch part of a competitive water polo tournament in the afternoon on Thursday, June 29 and/or Friday, June 30, 2017 as part of Swim & Water Polo activities.

Signed: ___________________________

Today’s Date: ___________________________

RETURN to Swim & Water Polo Teachers at Camp U-Prep


The schedule for the water polo tournament has been posted and is in the image below. Since there are no games slated for Thursday afternoon, the Swim & Water Polo students from U-Prep’s Summer Dreamers are going to need to go on Friday. We’ll need to depart quickly from lunch and walk quickly up the hill to make it to the game. Lunch is over at 1:40. Game begins at 1:30 am. The game is a girls game for either first place or third place.

Other students and families can go to the watch the games after camp ends on both Thursday and Friday. I am going to encourage the Camp King students to go to the pool on Thursday at 6 pm to watch our teacher, Ton, play in one of his games. He is playing in the blue boxes (for boys) with the Tiger team.

Kate, another staff member at Swim & Water Polo at Camp King, plays in the pink boxes (for girls) and Tiger. Her game on Thursday is at 8:10 pm.

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  1. Of course these handouts are being sent home with the students today. If you can print out the permission slip at home, just do so and avoid the paper transit.

  2. For Camp King families:

    Thursday, June 29, 2017

    Dear Guardians of Students in Swim & Water Polo activity:

    Just a head’s up for some water polo action that falls outside of our regular camp day.

    Tonight, Thursday, June 29, two of our staff members for Swim & Water Polo, high school water polo players, are engaged in a water polo tournament at the swim pool at the University of Pittsburgh. That pool is TREES’ Hall at the top of the hill.

    Tan plays in a game with Tigers at 6 pm.
    Katie plays in a game with Tigers at 8:10 pm.

    No admission price if you say you are with Swim & Water Polo Camp.

    The full tournament schedule is posted at CLOH.org. We are going to take the students from U-Prep to a game on Friday – but they can walk.

    The will also be games on Friday with girls at 5:50 pm and 6:40 boys, including Tan, and at 7:30 pm. Fair warning, Friday night traffic in the city has been slow.

    We can only be spectators at Pitt. But, next week, we can play in some of our own games on Thursday evening. Let’s plan ahead and try to save the date and work on getting rides, etc.

    Next week, from 6 pm to 7:45, Thursday evening, July 6, all Swim & Water Polo players and their families are invited swim, play SKWIM and perhaps some shallow water water polo at Citiparks Ammon Rec Center Pool in the Hill District on Bedford Ave and Memory Lane.

    Of course, all of these activities are optional. But, we found them to be lots of fun and the kids make great strides in their swim abilities if they get into the water outside of the camp setting to play and show off with another audience.

    Follow along on some of our photos and lessons by going to: CLOH.org.

    Coach Mark Rauterkus
    412-298-3432, Mark@Rauterkus.com http://CLOH.org

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