Ideas from Summer Dreamers, SDA17

Delayshia, 10


I like when I score and learn how to use a noddle. I like when some people dive in. Another thing I like about swimming is SKWIM and playing other games, doing butterfly, going under water. I’m starting to learn have to swim in the deep, in 18 foot. I know how to swim in the shuffle, and I can go under water for 10.

Brooke, 8


What I like about Swim & Water Polo this week is that there is always something new and that makes me happy. For example the Thunderbirds are hosting SKWIM and Water Polo – special event on Saturday, July 15, at South Side. I also like how I learned to dive in the deep. I really liked the SKWIM game we played today.

Update from Week 5 from Brooke
Swim & Water Polo, this week, is fun so far, but it is disappointing. Today, the others went to the Sue Murry pool while me, Dyamond, Laura, Mia, Abrahem, Mariam, Jeannine, Elliott, Nahayo and Nevaeh stayed back. But yesterday was fun we got to practice with the diving bricks, and it’s kind of slippery and some times heavy and makes my knees touch the ground. Ps 🤗

Abrahem from week 3


I like everything in the water polo program. This week they teach us in water polo how to do diving into the water and the frog and to swim in the shallow water. They teach us how to swim in the deep.



I like to dive. I like to play SKWIM. My favorite part of summer was using the snorkel and diving for the brick in the deep.