USA Swimming is addressing the Technical Swim Suit Policy and rules for younsters

It is crazy to spend $400 or $500 on a swimming suit, especially for a kid that is 10-years old.

Article in SwimSwam’s site.


In running, the athlete can choose any shoe he or she desires and can afford.
In swimming, there are PURISTS who want ZERO tech suits. If they managed the rules for runners, everyone would need to compete in bare feet.

I offered the analogy, free of charge.


I’m not certain if I agree or not with USA Swimming concerning its approach on these expensive swim suits and rules. I am not sure WHAT to think, just yet.

Parts of me are LIBERTARIAN and that means I’m not so fond of big-brothers over-reaching and telling others what to do — or not to do. But another part of me is super PRUDENT. Others might say worse.

As far as the leadership with the sport and the USA Swimming board — I do not like the idea of hiring consultants to do the heavy lifting and their homework, but, as far as who was hired, Stu Issac, well done. He did a fine job on the research and report.