Aquatic Test

This on-line test is used for certification levels for SKWIM and Digital Badges that begin at Digital Badges/SKWIM/Level 1.

The access code is, SKWIM (in all CAPS).

Tips for the test

  • Test URL:
  • Access code: SKWIM
  • Questions #1 to #25 are for Level 1.
  • Questions #26 to #50 are for Level 2.
  • This is an open book test. You may do research with any of the questions throughout.
  • When FINISHED, there are some bonus questions.
  • The green button that says Finish is on the review page and when using a 7-inch Android tablet, you need to scroll the page to the far right side to locate the button as it resides off the side of the screen. Drag to the corner of the page and locate it.
  • Take a screen capture of the final results for your records as that will be proof for the test’s completion and allow for the coaches to award you the digital badge.
  • Coach Ivy and students

    Coach Ivy and Summer Dreamers in Swim & Water Polo working on the tablets to take the SKWIM aquatic knowledge test.

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