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Word cloud used in a coaching job search at Memphis

The word-cloud graphic was flashed on an ESPN pre-game show between the Memphis Tigers and the Penn State Nits at the end of 2019.

The Memphis Athletic Director, Laird Veatch, held up a word cloud used in the coach-selection process at the Dec. 13, 2019, presser. "Ryan won this job," he said. (Geoff Calkins/Daily Memphian)

What is of interest here -- is that the largest word is CARES.

Cares is the largest word, as desired by the college football players.

Caring & Loving Coach interview – ND

Coach Tim Welsh, now retired from his position as the head swim coach at Notre Dame, has been a leader in American Swimming for decades. Way back when, Tim coached at Johns Hopkins and the Ohio University teams always swam a dual meet there in January.

Grading each other’s character in a team setting

Quote from the article: "There’s no in between."

So, players get "0s" or "1s". Really?

Even in the US political elections, it is stupid to have the votes that we present citizens / voters. Winner take all. Rather, how about percentage voting?

Could be 0 to 1 in .1 steps.

Wondering what are the 20 (?) traits in the survey?

The 20 character traits the program values:

  1. work ethic, 
  2. confidence,
  3. respect,
  4. trust,
  5. commitment,
  6. desire to win, and
  7. desire to improve.
What would you measure and ask about?

Leave your reply in the comments below.

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