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Contrasting and comparing Pittsburgh with New York City

FB posting saying Pittsburgh is like NYC

FB posting saying Pittsburgh is like NYC

Interesting post on Facebook from Erasmo Jay Belfiore

The five "boroughs" of Pittsburgh, by the map

Red = Central; Downtown, The Hill District, The Strip/Polish Hill, Oakland, Schenley Park, Lower Lawrenceville. 

The core of the city, complete with a large green space at the heart of the city, a small one at the point, framed by a complex of highways and bridges*, ethnic neighborhoods**, and a very Lower East Side-like street market. The bulk of theuniversities lie here as well.

Yellow = South; South Side and The Slopes, Mt. Washington, Arlington, Allentown, Mt. Oliver, Brookline, Beechview. 

"Brooklyn Lite"; same big city taste, half the attitude and density. Crowded neighborhoods. Parking nightmare. Some posh, but also slums, and mostly true to blue collar roots. Like Brooklyn, this area is also the most hemmed in of the quadrants surrounding the core. Easy access to the highway is limited to the areas on the north and west. On the whole, Rt. 51 is more congested, winding along more slowly than the secondary highways out of other flatter or less congested areas.

Purple = East; Upper Lawrenceville, Bloomfield, Squirrel Hill, Friendship, Greenfiled, East Liberty, Shadyside, Point Breeze, Highland Park, Wilkinsburg and East suburbs. 

What used to be outlying areas, and where the wealthy of the early days built their homes. The most ethnically diverse area. A secondary downtown in East Liberty. Masses of both well-off neighborhoods and slums extending out to Monroeville. Upper Lawrenceville as a trendy counterpoint to the South Side Flats. Most like Queens.

Blue = North; North Side/Manchester, Troy Hill, Millvale, Perry, Riverview Park. Projects, stadiums, and massive slabs of highway from Rt. 65 @ McKees Rocks bridge all the way up Rt. 28, and extending south through the Lower Hill. 

This area by far shows the heaviest hand of the urban renewal of the 50's and 60's, and consists mostly of tough neighborhoods and projects. Most like The Bronx.

Orange = West; West End and masses of less dense, newer suburbs. 

Subsequent waves of wealthy and working class people gravitated here in search of space and air. Most like Staten Island and New Jersey.


*Urban "Renewal" remade downtown, but crushed the Lower Hill District and a wide swath of the North Side, as well as East Liberty.

Point State Park, formerly a floodgate which would open on Downtown with some regularity, is based on the recommendations of New York's Robert Moses. What his Biblical namesake did in testament, he did in reverse, literally stitching together lands separated by water in New York. The Park, and the shiny buildings behind it, and the highways and tunnels converging near it, and what we know as the Interstate Highway System are all based on his works. He coined the term parkway. He rebuilt every park in New York, and created state parks. The Federal Government came to Moses to learn how to build highways, and cities far and wide, starting with Pittsburgh, came to him for advice on how to remake their cities. When the desire to rebuild fell victim to flawed top-down thinking and greed, too much was done too soon.

The scars of urban renewal are still being repaired, but at least now, it's on a comparatively blank canvas. East Liberty and The North Side are largely remade. The Lower Hill is the last remaining project.

Ethnic makeup

The Hill District was actually known outside Pittsburgh as Little Harlem. 

Bloomfield and Squirrel Hill were/are predominantly Italian and Jewish, respectively. 

Likewise, Polish Hill is an accurate name based on original ethnic makeup.

City of Pittsburgh map like NYC

City of Pittsburgh map like NYC

WPIAL Swim & Diving connection with Westminster College

    Pat Smith – Westminster College - Head Swimming and Diving Coach

    2019 results for the Titans
    • Women's team - Conference Champions - First Time in 12 years. 
    • Men's team - 2nd place. Have been Conference Champs 5 of last 7 years and have been 1st or 2nd in conference every year since 2003.
  • Head coach swam at South Park High School and graduated in 2004.
  • Diving coach, Heath Calhoun, graduated from Butler High School and was WPIAL runner up in diving and 3rd at PIAA Meet.
  • Westminster's coach's message

    I tell everyone we meet, come to Westminster ready to work hard, be a good teammate, get good grades, don't get in trouble, and have fun, and you will be successful. All of those things don't take talent.

    People of Westminster:
    • David Peffer - Riverside - Conference Champion - currently ranked 19th in NCAA Division 3 in the 200 Back, just named first team all conference.
    • Matt Kwalick - Quaker Valley - 200 IM - School Record Holder, just named first team all conference.
    • Roody D'Agaro - Chartiers Valley - 2nd team all conference
    • Carolyn Novak - Upper St. Clair - conference Champ in the 100 Free, 1st team all conference.
    • Maggie Manolis - Jeannette High school - conference champ 100 BR and 200 BR. 1st team all conference.
    • Jamie Elia - Blackhawk - 1 meter and 3 meter Diving - Regional Qualifier, 1st team all conference.
    • Abby Jones - Knoch High school - 2nd team all conference, conference runner up in 200 IM, 100 BR. 200 BR.
    • Nicole Stengel - Carlyngton High School - 2nd team all conference, 2nd place in the 200 fly, 3rd place in the 100 fly.
    • Megan Routch - West Allegheny High School - 2nd team all conference, 4th place in the 200 free and 1650 free.
    More Team members who are WPIAL Swimmers
    • Constantine Kallaur - Distance - Bethel Park
    • Kevin MacMurdo - Distance - Carlynton
    • Nicholas Pirollo - Sprint Free - Canon Mac
    • Brittney Drobka - Sprint Free - Kiski Area
    • Courtney Kinkead - Free/Fly - Greater Latrobe
    • Carinna Lapson - Free/Fly - Hopewell
    • Cait Peace - Breast/IM - Blackhawk
    • Emily Russell - Free - Bethel Park
    Alumni at WPIALS
    • Tom Donati '91 - Mt. Lebanon
    • Todd Slobodnyak '12 - Mars

Be There! We made our chant for the United Way campaign.

Competition! Be There challenges all schools to come up with a catchy and unique chant related to school attendance, and the importance of coming to school every day.

There was a little froggy
Sitting on a log
Cheering for a snow day
She had no sense at all.

We are the Ellis Swim Team
We love to go to school
When we do we get to swim
and learn about.....
Math, Science, French, Art, Spanish, English, History.
Cheer(s), We love school!

The video of the chant is below. Only 20-seconds. 

Black History Month arrived with a big thaw, and a smashing idea from LaTrenda

My $.02:

Big idea. I'm in, if yinz are serious.

It is a year-long, or, multi-year effort. LaTrenda Leonard Sherrill should be the FOUNDING and first DEAN of studies. Kick-off / orientation should be on MLK day 2020. Intensive courses and engagement in Feb 2020. For good or bad, that time is going to bring a big storm of politics in advance of the 2020 primary and general elections.

Community Learning Outreach Hub, my hobby domain,, can publish the course notes, and I'll help with a few waves of invites to Libertarians, Indies, Socialists, Liberals, Conservatives, Greens, Ds and Rs.

Agree with chatter above: POLITICAL WILL is a huge element that is missing, in this front, and within some others -- sadly.

What was once called the Black & White Reunion, now re-branded, as well as PA Interfaith Impact Network could be early supporters. A long list of others could be gathered by end of Black History Month 2019.

Weekly conference calls, say 10:30 pm on a week night, would be a good way to be open and transparent.

FWIW, my calling is within the theme of "Playing Well with Others."

The original Facebook posting, now rushing past 100 comments:

LaTrenda Leonard Sherrill
It would be nice for black history month if white leaders In Pittsburgh (corporate, electeds, and nonprofit CEOs) went thru racial equity training together as a cohort. No more new leadership trainings for black people, y’all just caucus and learn about the system that y’all facilitate and uphold.
Now that would be something.