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NCAA Mens’ Water Polo at Highland Park Pool:

Great article.

Greg Kinzler, the student athlete, is a college senior in terms of academics, but it is just the second year on the team as he went to a different PSU Campus for the first two years of his engineering studies.

Renegades article

Water polo drawing interest in the region.

Masters Player, formerly from Iona and Texas, our own J. Vincent

Jocelyn Vincent finds self in return to water polo. Holding ball high in one hand.

Pittsburgh Combined article, for High School and Middle School water polo

Achilles changing water polo landscape.

Water Safety Interview about SKWIM

New site SKWIM.usshares our water safety quiz efforts and teach the basics of the game.

Podcast about water polo and SKWIM

Logo of The Kels Group, working together to end drowning

Post-Gazette coverage of Swim & Water Polo Camp with Pittsburgh Public Schools Summer Dreamers and beyond

Coach Mark ensures swimming skills aren't just for dreamers.

SKWIM in Peters Township at Valley Brook Country Club

SKWIM's in as new pool sport.

Citiparks’ Ammon Head Lifeguard, Charles, talks about our summer water polo home in Pittsburgh’s Hill District neighborhood with NPR Radio’s WESA

Hill District Lifeguard Seeks to Close Gap Between Those Who Sink or Swim

Obama Swim & Water Polo

Time to get back into the water!

After-school aquatic fun with Coach Mark begins this week.

Bring your swim suit and show up to the Obama swim pool after school, every day except Fridays.

Middle School at 4 pm to 5 pm, then activity bus.

High School students from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Adults and community programs at 7:30 to 9 pm on Mondays & Wednesdays.

All abilities welcome. Even if you don’t know how to swim,

we’ll teach you.

We’ll play water polo, SKWIM, and refine our swimming strokes, dives, flip turns and gain plenty of fitness.

Extra Coaching and game days: Saturday Swim School, Oliver HS pool,

2323 Brighton Road, Northside from 11:30 am to 1 pm.

Coach’s contact: 412-298-3432

Working on the grant application for playlists, pathways and digital badges.

Much to do yet as the April 8th deadline looms larger. A number of letters of support have been posted at More are expected in the hours and days to come.

When we did the digital badges in 2015, to a much smaller scale, we were already doing many of the tasks that are desired with the 2016 RFP (request for proposals). We had many pathways that lead to another stage. We also had career connections. We also had what we called “meta badges” that were awards for a combination of other smaller accomplishments. In some ways, we were ahead of the game. But now we have to re-tool with XPs, experiences. Jargon. Oh well.

Sportsmanship and teamwork are still big issues. We need to champion the concept of “playing well with others.”

GNC Liberty Mile recap


Watch more videos on Flotrack


Watch more videos on Flotrack His interview gets cut a bit at the end.

Pre-Race excitement:

Screenshot (19)

Screenshot (20)

Screenshot (21)

Screenshot (22)

Screenshot (23)

Screenshot (24)

Screenshot (25)

Screenshot (26)Screenshot (29)

Post race with Coach Mark and Goda, volunteer and ex-staffer:

If you have photos to share, please send them to me, I know we’ve got some additional images from other sources.

Finally, one Hello Kitty backpack was left in my car. It will be taken to camp on Monday. But I’m not so certain if it should go to Langley or South Hills.

Trip home after GNC Liberty Mile

Thanks for all the parents and guardians who are going to go to the GNC Liberty Mile and cheer for and support your kids in the race on their big day.  Also, thanks for giving them a ride home when we’re all done.

Do stick around and watch the professional runners. That is fun.

Meet us in the Triangle Park at the corner of Liberty and Market. You won’t be able to drive there as the streets are closed for the race, of course. You might want to park by Market Square.

For the others who are going to pick up their athletes at the Summer Dreamers camp sites, (Faison, Brashear / South Hills, and Langley), please be present about 9 pm, or a tad sooner.  We expect to depart Downtown at 8:30 pm in buses.

The bus departure map is below. Screenshot (18)See the big circle? It is on Stanwix between Liberty and Penn Ave.

The race ends on Liberty Ave, about 2 blocks away. We, Swim & Water Polo athletes and staff meet in that green triangle in the middle of the map, corner of Market and Liberty. That’s where the parents pick-up their kids.

Look for me! Last year we were giving high fives to race victor, Jordan!

Jordan wins Liberty Mile and gives high five to Coach Mark

Jordan wins and gives high five to Coach Mark

GNC Liberty Mile, here we come!

This is the entry for the GNC Liberty Mile in 2015 from our Swim & Water Polo Camp, showing kids and staff, organized by first name. We’ve done a lot of running this year, especially at Camp South Hills and with the King’s Canyon at Camp Langley and even at Camp Faison after the bus ride or on days when there wasn’t a bus. With the 90-degree heat expected in the next two days, the running is put on the back burner. We have an advantage however, as we can run in the swim pool!


Aayron Issaiah Law
Achante Myles
Aeva Miglioretti
Alexis Deacon
Amire Freeman
Andre Jefferson
Andrea Palmer
Arnav Kumar
Aryelle Myles


Brae Lynn Branch
Breonna Maddox


Camron Siler McCallister
Celine Lakandula
Chantal Brown
Charlotte Hensel
Cloe Joos
Conor Coleman
Courtney Kelley
Courtney Patton


Da Jion Devers
Da Quan Devers
Daiquon Boleky
Dalasia Weaver
Deraile Barron
Destiny King
Devan Fedorowich
Diyora Ahmedova
Dondre Watson Ellis
Donovan Hayden
Dylan Dowdy


Ed Cygnarwicz
Edith Perry
Edward Cygnarowicz
Erin Benjamin
Eugene Hall Jr


Frayne Poeting


Gerson David Calderon
Goda Tarcijonas
Grant Rauterkus


Hannah Castro
Hayley Shelton
Huynh Nguyen


Ivy Ryan
Iyonae Moore


Jaquan Prysock
Jasmine Murrell
Jesse Baker
Jordan Kyles
JT Nelson


Kamren Mitchell
Kamya Kelly
Keheng Zhang
Keliyah Washington
Kiarah Green


Laurel McMahon
Lawrence Thompson
Lerrick Williams
Lex Glickman
Lydia Harper


Madison Boehm
Malayjia Chestnut
Mark Rauterkus
Maurice McClain Jr
Maurizio Longo
Milcahzayn Bozeman Wallace
Mohamed Adballa


Nadia Johnson
Nevaughn Page


Owen Baillie
Owen Mediate


Raoul Legrande
Reona Grant
Rimon Toto


Sam Murrell
Samson Olabode
Sanketh Kolli
Sonnie Watts


Tanyla Green
Tara Pennix
Tehilah Spencer
Tiara Roberson
Tim Krupar
Timiya Eggleton
Toby Junker
Trajon Jeter


Wayne Lee


Zack Oplako
Zuriel Bozeman Wallace

Heather, Jordan and a few of the professional runners are on our team too. This year, our friends with Kids of STEEL also join in the fun with the race.

Heather and Coach Mark

Heather K, Liberty Mile Champion, and Coach Mark

Race Day Start Times for 2015

  1. 7:00 pm – One for Fun, Pup Trot, Team Challenge
  2. 7:25 – Kids of Steel, Run 1 for Lucas — This is where Summer Dreamers compete.
  3. 7:50 – Masters
  4. 8:00 – Unstoppable
  5. 8:10 – Women’s Pro
  6. 8:20 – Men’s Pro
Summer Dreamers at Liberty Mile

Summer Dreamers at Liberty Mile

Liberty Mile Course Records by Ages

Age Name m/f time year
3 Asher Eckel m 10:23.9 2014
4 Luke Pena m 9:21.0 2013
Lydia Stuart f 10:53.9 2014
5 Erik Medmis m 9:24.8 2014
Gemma Prion f 9:16.4 2014
6 Joseph Gacesa m 8:08.8 2014
Alexa Stewart f 10:09.08 2014
7 Joseph Waskiewicz m 8:30.7 2014
Josie Richardson f 7:23.0 2013
8 Sean Aiken, Jr. m 7:21.0 2013
Gabrielle Williams f 6:44.92 2014
9 Barron Loeffler m 6:55.21 2014
Anna Waswkiewicz f 7:07.52 2014
10 Max Rottmann m 6:58.79 2014
Kristen Axtman f 7:22.0 2013
11 Jacques Moye m 5:59.89 2014
Lucy Waskiewicz f 6:56.89 2013
12 Christian Fitch m 5:45.82 2014
Lucy Waskiewicz f 6:28.9 2014
13 Robert Shymansky m 5:19.3 2014
Ziya Xu f 6:48.19 2014
14 Jonah Wyzomirski m 5:04.31 2014
Paige Grogan f 9:54.5 2014
15 Griffin Mackey m 5:07.0 2013
Maria Josselyn f 6:39.25 2014
16 Dom Perretta m 4:36.95 2014
Katie Lutz f 5:29.0 2013
17 Ryder Ballou m 4:49.16 2014
Beth Shenck f 5:22.0 2013
18 Michael Becich m 4:33.0 2013
Chelsea Henry f 8:29.97 2014
19 Michael Becich m 4:46.31 2014
Goda Tarcijonas f 7:24.53 2014
20 Andy Mysliwiec m 4:50.0 2013
Emily Lamm f 5:23.21 2014
21 John Yankello m 4:31.0 2013
Jennifer Haffner f 5:18.0 2013
22 Caleb Muller m 4:25.0 2013
Stephanie Bonk f 5:04.0 2013
23 Jimmie Spisak m 4:05.30 2014
Sarah Martinelli f 4:52.38 2014
24 Stewart Jone s m 4:22.25 2014
Lindsay Bingaman f 5:31.46 2014
25 Joshua Wilks m 4:19.45 2014
Kaylyn Christopher f 5:10.66 2014
26 Steve Kirkland m 4:29.24 2014
Jamie Morganstern f 5:06.96 2014
27 Jed Christiansen m 4:14.04 2014
Allison Magan f 6:25.07 2014
28 Steve Spang m 4:41.68 2014
Kim Markel f 6:04.0 2013
29 Ben English m 4:47.17 2014
Anna Shekinah f 5:18.83 2014
30 Nicholas End m 4:30.43 2014
Jennie Kormanik f 4:54.24 2014
31 Nate Brannen m 4:02.87 2014
Caryn Gehrke f 5:26.27 2014
32 Clay Burnett m 4:21.92 2014
Linsey Westerman f 5:49.94 2014
33 Russ Giancola m 4:50.0 2013
Erica Maloney f 5:30.11 2014
34 Matthew Sudak m 5:21.0 2013
Emily Smoller f 6:12.0 2013
35 Jeremy Cornman m 4:33.30 2014
Roberta Groner f 5:07.0 2013
36 Elijah Shekinah m 4:39.56 2014
Carrie Chisholm f 6:17.46 2014
37 John Neff m 5:00.0 2013
Sabrina Shaner f 6:42.08 2014
38 Cory Resler m 5:01.48 2014
Lynn Brehm f 6:29.0 2013
39 Jason Brehm m 5:08.0 2013
Joanne White f 7:27.54 2014
40 Philippe Rolly m 4:21.0 2013
Magdalena Boulet f 4:50.0 2013
41 Justin Bertram m 5:06.96 2014
Melissa Senall f 5:41.0 2013
42 James Hommes m 4:48.0 2013
Sonja Friend-Uhl f 4:53.0 2013
43 Eric Laughlin m 4:51.0 2013
Sonja Friend-Uhl f 4:57.26 2014
44 Nicholas Berra m 4:28.0 2013
Catherine Hrach f 6:24.01 2014
45 Birger Ohlsson m 4:34.0 2013
Terry Ballou f 5:22.0 2013
46 Daniel Pszeniczny m 4:35.45 2014
Adrienne Cook f 6:41.65 2014
47 Scott Bickham m 5:01.0 2013
Alisa Harvey f 5:17.0 2013
48 Mike Nier m 4:44.0 2013
Gail Planz-Wachter f 7:32.79 2014
49 Duane Williamson m 5:15.0 2013
Carol Bischoff f 5:58.0 2013
50 Allan Wells m 4:40.0 2013
Elizabeth Stewart f 6:04.0 2013
51 Larry Vandyke m 5:07.0 2013
Doreen McCoubrie f 5:18.0 2013
52 Steve Garand m 4:52.0 2013
Tina Seech f 6:03.0 2013
53 David Noyes m 4:46.0 2013
Tina Seech f 6:04.35 2014
54 Dominic Wyzomirski m 5:07.93 2014
Ena Weinstein f 5:57.0 2013
55 Robert Liebers m 5:14.0 2013
Leslie Chaplin f 5:45.0 2013
56 Thomas Dever m 4:50.0 2013
Suzanne Mittermeier f 6:04.0 2013
57 Carl Hubel m 5:30.25 2014
Julie Boyette f 7:26.0 2013
58 Mark Rybinski m 5:24.0 2013
Elizabeth Griffin f 13:21.96 2014
59 Gary Machiko m 7:13.0 2013
Carol Levack f 7:22.0 2013
60 Michael Kearns m 5:14.19 2014
61 Wally Hayes m 5:46.0 2013
Kathryn Martin f 5:44.0 2013
62 Peter Mullin m 5:20.0 2013
Barbara Broad f 6:05.0 2013
63 Mitchell Garner m 6:40.0 2013
64 Roger Price m 5:52.0 2013
Sabra Harvey f 5:48.0 2013
65 Terry McCluskey m 5:26.0 2013
66 Thomas Lamme m 6:28.0 2013
Charlotte Bogner f 9:28.04 2014
67 Gary Patton m 5:22.0 2013
68 Ruth Thelen f 7:10.0 2013
69 Warren Coax m 7:20.0 2013
Patricia Pacey f 12:38.0 2013
70 Warren Coax m 7:06.09 2014
Patricia Pacey f 11:07.57 2014
71 Doug Goodhue m 5:43.0 2013
72 Phillip Kroll m 7:29.0 2013
73 Al Swan m 9:46.0 2013
74 Thom Weddle m 6:38.0 2013
75 Stan Hunter m 11:58.48 2014
80 Gehrett Smith m 8:03.0 2013
81 Gehrett Smith m 8:55.82 2014
89 Lou Lodovico m 10:11.0 2013

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