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Liberty Mile Course Records by Ages

Age Name m/f time year
3 Asher Eckel m 10:23.9 2014
4 Luke Pena m 9:21.0 2013
Lydia Stuart f 10:53.9 2014
5 Erik Medmis m 9:24.8 2014
Gemma Prion f 9:16.4 2014
6 Joseph Gacesa m 8:08.8 2014
Alexa Stewart f 10:09.08 2014
7 Joseph Waskiewicz m 8:30.7 2014
Josie Richardson f 7:23.0 2013
8 Sean Aiken, Jr. m 7:21.0 2013
Gabrielle Williams f 6:44.92 2014
9 Barron Loeffler m 6:55.21 2014
Anna Waswkiewicz f 7:07.52 2014
10 Max Rottmann m 6:58.79 2014
Kristen Axtman f 7:22.0 2013
11 Jacques Moye m 5:59.89 2014
Lucy Waskiewicz f 6:56.89 2013
12 Christian Fitch m 5:45.82 2014
Lucy Waskiewicz f 6:28.9 2014
13 Robert Shymansky m 5:19.3 2014
Ziya Xu f 6:48.19 2014
14 Jonah Wyzomirski m 5:04.31 2014
Paige Grogan f 9:54.5 2014
15 Griffin Mackey m 5:07.0 2013
Maria Josselyn f 6:39.25 2014
16 Dom Perretta m 4:36.95 2014
Katie Lutz f 5:29.0 2013
17 Ryder Ballou m 4:49.16 2014
Beth Shenck f 5:22.0 2013
18 Michael Becich m 4:33.0 2013
Chelsea Henry f 8:29.97 2014
19 Michael Becich m 4:46.31 2014
Goda Tarcijonas f 7:24.53 2014
20 Andy Mysliwiec m 4:50.0 2013
Emily Lamm f 5:23.21 2014
21 John Yankello m 4:31.0 2013
Jennifer Haffner f 5:18.0 2013
22 Caleb Muller m 4:25.0 2013
Stephanie Bonk f 5:04.0 2013
23 Jimmie Spisak m 4:05.30 2014
Sarah Martinelli f 4:52.38 2014
24 Stewart Jone s m 4:22.25 2014
Lindsay Bingaman f 5:31.46 2014
25 Joshua Wilks m 4:19.45 2014
Kaylyn Christopher f 5:10.66 2014
26 Steve Kirkland m 4:29.24 2014
Jamie Morganstern f 5:06.96 2014
27 Jed Christiansen m 4:14.04 2014
Allison Magan f 6:25.07 2014
28 Steve Spang m 4:41.68 2014
Kim Markel f 6:04.0 2013
29 Ben English m 4:47.17 2014
Anna Shekinah f 5:18.83 2014
30 Nicholas End m 4:30.43 2014
Jennie Kormanik f 4:54.24 2014
31 Nate Brannen m 4:02.87 2014
Caryn Gehrke f 5:26.27 2014
32 Clay Burnett m 4:21.92 2014
Linsey Westerman f 5:49.94 2014
33 Russ Giancola m 4:50.0 2013
Erica Maloney f 5:30.11 2014
34 Matthew Sudak m 5:21.0 2013
Emily Smoller f 6:12.0 2013
35 Jeremy Cornman m 4:33.30 2014
Roberta Groner f 5:07.0 2013
36 Elijah Shekinah m 4:39.56 2014
Carrie Chisholm f 6:17.46 2014
37 John Neff m 5:00.0 2013
Sabrina Shaner f 6:42.08 2014
38 Cory Resler m 5:01.48 2014
Lynn Brehm f 6:29.0 2013
39 Jason Brehm m 5:08.0 2013
Joanne White f 7:27.54 2014
40 Philippe Rolly m 4:21.0 2013
Magdalena Boulet f 4:50.0 2013
41 Justin Bertram m 5:06.96 2014
Melissa Senall f 5:41.0 2013
42 James Hommes m 4:48.0 2013
Sonja Friend-Uhl f 4:53.0 2013
43 Eric Laughlin m 4:51.0 2013
Sonja Friend-Uhl f 4:57.26 2014
44 Nicholas Berra m 4:28.0 2013
Catherine Hrach f 6:24.01 2014
45 Birger Ohlsson m 4:34.0 2013
Terry Ballou f 5:22.0 2013
46 Daniel Pszeniczny m 4:35.45 2014
Adrienne Cook f 6:41.65 2014
47 Scott Bickham m 5:01.0 2013
Alisa Harvey f 5:17.0 2013
48 Mike Nier m 4:44.0 2013
Gail Planz-Wachter f 7:32.79 2014
49 Duane Williamson m 5:15.0 2013
Carol Bischoff f 5:58.0 2013
50 Allan Wells m 4:40.0 2013
Elizabeth Stewart f 6:04.0 2013
51 Larry Vandyke m 5:07.0 2013
Doreen McCoubrie f 5:18.0 2013
52 Steve Garand m 4:52.0 2013
Tina Seech f 6:03.0 2013
53 David Noyes m 4:46.0 2013
Tina Seech f 6:04.35 2014
54 Dominic Wyzomirski m 5:07.93 2014
Ena Weinstein f 5:57.0 2013
55 Robert Liebers m 5:14.0 2013
Leslie Chaplin f 5:45.0 2013
56 Thomas Dever m 4:50.0 2013
Suzanne Mittermeier f 6:04.0 2013
57 Carl Hubel m 5:30.25 2014
Julie Boyette f 7:26.0 2013
58 Mark Rybinski m 5:24.0 2013
Elizabeth Griffin f 13:21.96 2014
59 Gary Machiko m 7:13.0 2013
Carol Levack f 7:22.0 2013
60 Michael Kearns m 5:14.19 2014
61 Wally Hayes m 5:46.0 2013
Kathryn Martin f 5:44.0 2013
62 Peter Mullin m 5:20.0 2013
Barbara Broad f 6:05.0 2013
63 Mitchell Garner m 6:40.0 2013
64 Roger Price m 5:52.0 2013
Sabra Harvey f 5:48.0 2013
65 Terry McCluskey m 5:26.0 2013
66 Thomas Lamme m 6:28.0 2013
Charlotte Bogner f 9:28.04 2014
67 Gary Patton m 5:22.0 2013
68 Ruth Thelen f 7:10.0 2013
69 Warren Coax m 7:20.0 2013
Patricia Pacey f 12:38.0 2013
70 Warren Coax m 7:06.09 2014
Patricia Pacey f 11:07.57 2014
71 Doug Goodhue m 5:43.0 2013
72 Phillip Kroll m 7:29.0 2013
73 Al Swan m 9:46.0 2013
74 Thom Weddle m 6:38.0 2013
75 Stan Hunter m 11:58.48 2014
80 Gehrett Smith m 8:03.0 2013
81 Gehrett Smith m 8:55.82 2014
89 Lou Lodovico m 10:11.0 2013

Newsletter #2, July 20, 2015, Swim & Water Polo Camp with PPS Summer Dreamers

Status for the entry for the GNC Liberty Mile on Friday, July 31, 2015. If you hope to attend and if you know you are NOT going to attend, we would still appreciate a completed HOMECOMING Contract. ENTRIES are DUE, as soon as possible. Regrets are due too.

Find your name, by camp, on this list. If it is not present, please complete the paperwork and get it back to camp, URGENTLY.

If you have questions, and wish to talk in person, please come with your child to swim at the Citiparks’ Northside’s Sue Murray swim pool on Monday or Wednesday, 6-7:30 pm or the Mt. Washington’s Ream swim pool on Tuesday or Thursday, 6-7:30 pm, or Friday, 5-8 pm at Thelma Lovette YMCA in the Hill District.

Also,, 412-298-3432 = cell phone of Coach Mark Rauterkus.

Watch this page for the lastest list as per the wiki:


Achante Myles, entered

Dylan Dowdy, entered, 7-20-2015 (form located in folder)

Nevaughn Page, entered, 7-20-2015

Andrea Palmer, entered, 7-20-2015

Lydia Harper, entered, 7-20-2015

Da’Quan Devers, entered

DaJion Devers, entered

Deraile Barron, entered

Madison Boehm, entered

Eugene R. Hall, entered

Dondre Watson-Ellis, entered

Diyora Ahmedova, entered

A’Niyah Everett, NOT ENTERED, Regrets

Kamren Mitchell, entered

Erin Banjamin, entered

Isaac Lapp, NOT ENTERED, Regrets

Edith Perry, entered

Brealynn Branch, entered

Kiarah Green, entered

Nadia Johnson, entered

Camron McCallister, entered

Andre Jeffersno, entered

Wayne Lee, entered

Aryelle Myles, entered

Rimon Toto, entered

Courtney Kelley, entered

Elizha Hutchinson, entered

South Hills / Brashear, LM status

Kamya Kelly, NO FORM, NOT entered

Chantal Brown, entered

Celine Lakandula, entered

Hannah Castro, entered

Keliyah Washington, entered

Aeva Miglioretti, entered

Hayley Shelton, entered

Reona Grant, entered

Kenny Michel, NO FORM, NOT entered

Breanna Layburn, NO FORM, NOT entered

Diangelo Paez, NOT Entered – Regrets,Regrets

Jy-Juan Bryant, NO FORM, NOT entered

Destiny King, entered

Charlotte Hensel, entered

Cloe Joos, entered

Arnav Kumar, NO FORM, NOT entered

Malayjia Chestnut, entered

Maurice McClain Jr, entered

Faison, LM status

Owen Mediate, NO FORM, NOT entered

Kelteng Zhang, entered

Jaleaha Scott-Pryor, NO FORM, NOT entered

Maurizio Longo, entered, 7-20-15

Amire Freeman, entered, 7-20-15

Iyonae Moore, entered, 7-20-15

Owen Mediate, entered, 7-20-15

Perhaps five additional forms are with Coach Sam at Faison and not on this list.


Alexis Decon, entered

Sonnie W, entered

Mark Rauterkus, entered

Grant Rauterkus, entered

Edward Cygnarowicz, entered, 7-20-15

If you have sent in paperwork and still do not see your name on the list, the best approach is to re-do the paperwork and re-submit. Papers could have fallen between the cracks. A box marked “water polo” is in the office at every camp site. That might be the safest place to return completed papers.

As updates are made to this list, see for updates.

SDA15 Medicine Ball Workout (routine)

This SDA15 Medicine Ball Workout (routine) deployed for Swim & Water Polo Camp in 2015 is one of the approved routines for earning the Digital Badges/Exercises/Routines.

This is a routine‘s exercises are with medicine balls. Do the routine as described and stick to it for the duration of the season.

  • A benefit of a routine is that its is done with the same set of exercises at every site around town. All should be on the same page in that only the number of reps is different.
  • The medicine balls, also called med balls, are rubber basketballs that are filled with water and weight slightly more than 10-pounds.
  • SDA15 = Summer Dreamers Academy 2015
  • Do new and different exercises after the routine is completed. Don’t break the routine with other exercises and variations until after the routine is fully performed.
  • Partner exercises with a med ball are not included in this routine.
  • Perhaps another routine that includes partners should be documented.

To do the Routine:

The number of repetitions per exercise can vary. Generally, do one set of 20 reps. When learning the routine, feel free to do the entire set of exercises four times but only do five reps per exercise.

1. Squats with med balls under chin (exercise)

Start in a standing position. Hold the med ball with two hands under the chin. Squad downward. A good squat goes so low as to drop the hips below the knees. At the bottom of the squat the upper legs are slightly below horizontal.

Another way to visualize the depth of the squat is to think of a marble. If placed on the middle of the thigh (upper leg) at the bottom of the squat, it would roll back to the and not to the knee.

Bend at knees so top of leg gets slightly below horizontal. Keep feet flat. Feet can be apart with the toes pointed outward a bit.

2. Seated Russian twist (exercise)

Sit on floor. Knees up. Heels light or not on floor. Straight back. Twist med ball from side to side. Arms extension, slam and heels elevated are variations. See the figure exercise the face of the Digital Badges/Exercises/Routines or watch the how-to video.

3. Med ball dead lifts with toe raises (exercise)

Pick up med ball from the floor and lift the ball to the waist. Take a breath. Perform a calf raise that points the toes and lifts the heel off the floor. Optionally, do a shoulder shrug with the toe raise. Optionally for varsity athletes, do straight back dead lifts in an additional set.

4. Planks with one hand on ball (exercise)

Start with a plank in push-up position but one hand is on the ground, the other hand is in balance on the ball. One plank with X-seconds with right hand on ball then left hand on ball.

5. Clock lunges with med ball (exercise)

Start by standing tall with a med ball held at chest height. The ball can stay in this position throughout this exercise. Then the left foot step directly forward to 12-o’clock. The back foot (right foot) does not move. The right knee (the knee of the back foot) bends low to softly touch the floor. Then return to a standing position with both feet together. On the next repetition, step with the same lead foot but place it forward and slightly to the right, to 1-o’clock, to perform the lunge. On the third lunge, step to 2-o’clock. Do lunges 12 times, to every hour around the clock-face with the same foot stepping out each time but in different directions. Bend as low as possible with each lunge. It is not necessary to touch the knee to the ground in every position as in the lateral lunge positions (i.e., 3-o’clock and 9’o’clock) the knee touch to the floor is nearly impossible. After doing 12 lunges, one in each clock position, with the right foot staying put, switch feet and do the next 12-lunges with the left foot anchored in the middle of the clock and the right foot stepping out.

6. Push-ups with one hand on ball (exercise)

With one hand on the ball and the other hand on ground, do the number of repetitions, but for beginners you should try to strive at least 10 push-ups in a set Take a short break after the first set. Then switch the hands so other hand is on ball. Do a second set of push-ups.

7. Med ball bench press (exercise)

Lay on back. Move ball from chest to extension. Okay to toss and catch, if you can control the ball and not smash one’s face or interfere with others doing their routines.

8. Two handed, straight arm lifts while laying on back (exercise)

Move ball from pockets to over-head touch and back.

9. Med ball triceps extensions (exercise)

Standing, two hands extend ball over head. Then, bend elbows and lower ball to backwards to touch back of shoulders. Then lift ball straight up again to the over-head-starting position.

10. Med ball biceps curls (exercise)

Standing, curl ball in front of body so the ball touches the front of the top of the legs (at the pockets). Then bend the elbows with the biceps so that the ball lifts and touches the front of the shoulders under the chin.

11. Med ball sit-ups (exercise)

Lay flat on back with ball over head. Do a sit up and touch ball to toes. Lay flat again. Repeat for 15 times. If you can complete med ball sit-ups easily try 25 then 30 sit-ups

Pro Runners at Liberty Mile include our favorites, Jordan and Heather!

Defending GNC Live Well Liberty Mile champions Jordan McNamara  and Gabriele Grunewald will return to Pittsburgh to defend their titles in the Liberty Mile on Friday, July 31, 2015. The 4th edition features a prize purse of $25,000, the third largest for U.S. road miles.

Heather and Coach Mark

Heather K, Liberty Mile Champion, and Coach Mark

A two-time event runner-up in 2012 and 2013, Jordan McNamara edged out 2012 Olympic silver medalist Leo Manzano in the 2014 race with a time of 4 minutes, 3 seconds.

Grunewald took the women’s crown last year clocking 4:33. She outkicked her Team USA Minnesota teammate and two-time defending race champion Heather Kampf. The event record holder Kampf again looks to be Grunewald’s biggest challenger at the 2015 race.

The American Development Pro Mile features $20,000 in guaranteed prize money. The GNC Live Well Liberty Mile is the third stop on the Bring Back the Mile Grand Prix Tour 2015.

For more information, visit

Goals, Level 1

Digital Badges, Goals, Level 1, is ready for your participation. Being a goal setter and thinking about goals, is an important function for achievement in life, with youngsters and adults. All are encouraged to take some time and do the activities and earn our Level 1 accomplishment.

There is no charge for the entire process. This can be shared far and wide. Our staff is working on this now and in the days to come, those in Swim & Water Polo Camp as part of Summer Dreamers Academy get to give it a whirl too.

First: You’re going to need to go to the CLOH wiki and log in with a username.

Second: Read about the process on the wiki page:

Third: At the bottom of the Digital_Badges/Goals/Level 1 page is a “button” that takes you to a new wiki page. On that new page you edit and post four of your goals. A few other questions are asked. Keep reading. Keep following the directions.

Goals, Level 2

Goals, Level 2 is about the GOI.

Fourth: You ask for the site administrators and coaches to deliver you the digital badge.

Fifth: Stay tuned for the next level of the Digital Badges/Goals. That is much different and includes the GOI, the goal orientation index.

Nine steps for getting involved with Digital Badges

1. Explore the options. Decide for yourself.

Not much in life is mandatory. You can rise up to the challenge and strive to get a grip on the Digital Badges, or you can ignore them. Some individuals are going to want to learn and grow by wrestling with these challenges and opportunities. Care to engage, show initiative and try hard.

Some of the Digital Badges are going to be easy for you to get. Others are going to be out of reach for you this summer.

2. Sign in.

The youth of Pittsburgh are getting their Digital Badges with the Pgh City of Learning and adults are able to log into

3. Learn the details of what to do.

All digital badges have criteria. Some are built for skills while others are for knowledge and dispositions. Badges are earned. Take the test, be it physical, mental or of one’s character.

    • Read, study, and ask questions when confused or stuck. Seek assistance.
    • Take it all in by surfing around at category:Digital Badges.
    • Work it. Have fun. Discover. Write. Be independent too.

4. Prove it.

    • You can do it. You did it. Make sure a camera is close.
    • Prove it to others. Show off your efforts. Be a positive social force.
    • Add to the collection. Put yourself into the outcomes.
    • Improve the ebooks, the exercise collections and teach others the routines.
    • Get into the details of the documentation and share with your witnesses on this wiki.

5. Ask for your badge by posting the code snip, “Please Bestow.”

      • When the time is right, ask for your badges.
    • See /Bestowing

6. Delivery of the Digital Badges

    • Expect an email from the badge platform that delivers the badge to you.
    • Do a dance of accomplishment.

7. After their arrival, do some housekeeping.

Bits of digital dust need to be scrubbed so that different staff members don’t re-send you the same badges. Wipe that badge off of the to-do list.

    • Remove the Category: Please Bestow from the wiki page.
    • Remove the Template: Please Bestow from the wiki page.

8. The network can fuel your growth.

Being socially responsible, connected, and friendly includes outreach.

    • Tell your friends.
    • Thanks those that helped you along the way.
    • Update your resume.
    • Ping social media sites.
    • Attack again on another accomplishment.
    • Plan the next steps and sharing with others.

9. Celebrate, rinse and repeat.

    • Be involved for the long-haul.
    • Don’t change. Grow. Be mighty.

Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation and Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo Lead the Way in Digital Badges

by Adam Majewski, staff member and recent Pitt graduate

Head photo of Adam

Adam, Badge Champion

The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, with support from the Sprout Fund through their City of Learning initiative, is bringing tablet technology into the classroom for the Summer Dreamer Swim & Water Polo and Mindful Eating camps this summer. This development is part of an effort to improve learning outcomes in and out of the classroom and to improve technology literacy. Digital badges are set to provide the incentive, direction, and visibility for students to improve their knowledge, skills, and character. The classroom tablets are a means to both connect the summer dreamers with these badges and to provide a learning environment that teaches the precepts of technology literacy.

Digital badges provide a means of rewarding and showcasing students’ learning achievements outside of the traditional classroom setting. They are a showcase for student knowledge and skill that can be displayed across the internet as a means of demonstrating students’ career readiness or aptitude to collaborate in multi-media projects, for instance. The Pittsburgh City of Learning effort is encouraging groups like Summer Dreamers, the Carnegie Library, and Learn and Earn Summer Youth Employment Program to develop badges to showcase the skills, knowledge, and abilities that participants develop through city-wide programs. This is because preparation for the future is a task that requires the whole community, not just one institution, to achieve for the youth of the city.

The Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo program, with the help of the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, is one of the programs leading the way in this City of Learning initiative. By showcasing the knowledge and skills that prepare learners for future fitness health and employment opportunity, the digital badges for the Swim & Water Polo camp are set to dynamically improve the visibility of Pittsburgh Public School students’ learning and achievement outside the schoolroom. Coupled with the availability of tablets through the program, students will be able to display their talents better than ever before, through the internet and other digital media. These digital badges provide one more resource for students to diversify their skills and knowledge and display their talent to the rest of the community.

Staff Introduction: Badge Champion, Adam

I’m Adam. I’ve been hired by Coach Mark for Summer Dreamers 2015 as the Digital Badge Champion! This is a new role for Summer Dreamers, and I’ll let you decide whether it means that I’ve been championing digital badges, or that I am the reigning champion of the first ever digital badge battle royale (Hint: it’s the first one). But that doesn’t much matter.

What matters is that digital badges are coming.

Teamwork Badge

Teamwork Badge

This isn’t exclusive to Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo. Digital badges of every sort, shape, size, color, and function have been rolled out across the nation in the last few years as part of a gameification process for everything from insurance premiums to education. This means shiny, individual rewards are awarded to commemorate typically uncelebrated actions–actions that someone else wants you to believe are important.

In our program, we have put in a lot of effort to create activities, lessons, and goals that we think are important enough to get excited about. The badges are hopefully the way to share this excited attitude with kids–for them to be more deeply involved in the lifelong efforts, like fitness, literacy, and goal-achievement, that we hope to nurture.

For you guys, this means getting excited about these things too!

I understand that, realistically, it may not be the case that you’re excited for every badge, so at the very least I want you to be familiar with the activities and programs that have badges to award. Mark and I did extensive work creating these and including explanatory write-ups so that you have the information about each badge and activity at your fingertips.

Reading and exploring is paramount.

The digital badge page of the CLOH Wiki is the hub of our digital badge efforts for the summer, and this site, will be our public face.

You may find some badges on these resources that are not yet finished or fully thought through. Don’t panic. Maybe even consider looking at what has been thought up so far and contributing ideas or constructive criticism in the associated Talk pages. Poke through all of the digital badges and see if you can wrap your head around them, as well as the different activities that it takes to earn them. If you have any questions, drop a line on the associated Talk page and anyone who knows the answer and visits the talk page will suggest an answer.

During the summer, you will each be an integral part of this process. Not only will you run the activities that finish by the awarding of these badges, but you will be the administers of these badges too. We will hold a training session in the near future going through the basics of this badge-awarding process and the badges that we all will be focusing on for the summer.

It’s an exciting time for programs like this that are part of the wave of digital badges–don’t be afraid to get excited about it too!

Digital badges are here.

Kay Atman gives a lesson on goal-setting steps, part of Digital Badges / Goals / Masters Level

Kay Atman, Ph.D., retired professor from the School of Education at University of Pittsburgh, talks with Swim & Water Polo staff member about the 12 steps to goal setting.

“My viewpoint is that human beings are goal-seeking, teleological organisms. That is, human beings do things for a reason or goal and strive to make meanings of their lives. The process of learning in a particular domain or content area is complex. Individuals develop a knowledge base through conditioning by the environment; they also actively construct a knowledge base through their seeking information and thinking about the subject based on their maturation and prior knowledge. When knowledge (which may be either cognitively- or affectively-based) is purposely put into practice through an exercise of volition, conation, and will, it leads to behavioral competence and, through reflection, to wisdom.“[1] Huitt, W. (2001).

Read more at the wiki: