New sports and coaching term discovered by me in an article, JOYSTICKING. Go figure.

 I was fooled by the terms definition. Interesting read. 

Killing youth sports is too much "sky is falling" over reach for my tastes. 

However, I am all in favor of getting our swimmers far more game play, more fun fitness without strict coaching on every move, more teamwork, sportsmanship, social interactions, on-the-fly communications, problem solving. Yet these can't be "wasted time" or even of questionable value. So getting quality, enriching, purposeful group play that builds to something better, that adds dimensions to the the program and still furthers the progress of competitive swimmers is what I advocate and cherish -- and its prevalent with SKWIM, IMNSHO. 

And to put in the last zinger to go anti-joysticking, put the coach(es) in the water with the athletes while playing SKWIM. Be on a side. Play with the swimmers. Offense, defense, model, and while getting in your own fitness and fun too, eye-to-eye without a joystick, while playing. Player-coaching, or captain-coaching is joystick proof.

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