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A-B-Cs with Rivers of Steel

A for Athlete deploys the A-B-Cs often

Graffiti Lettering Tutorials

See two videos of an ongoing series that explores elements of graffiti and style-writing. Adapted from the same techniques Shane Pilster uses in his role as a teaching artist for Rivers of Steel's Graffiti and Style-writing school residencies, these tutorials provide creative expression (or simply stress relief) for kids and adults alike.

Parks from Home to happen in summer 2020 in Los Angeles

Detroit and Indianapolis have closed their parks programming efforts for summer 2020. Meanwhile, Los Angeles is going to go with a Parks At Home option. 

Wondering what will occur in Pittsburgh's Citiparks and Allegheny County Parks for summer 2020? Plus, the other big question is centered upon Pittsburgh Public Schools Summer Dreamers where we are with a contract to operate SKWIM & Water Polo Camp for kids at Greenway for 27 days. Insights welcome.

Today I hope to issue a video letter to Pittsburgh's Mayor, Bill Peduto, and Chief of Staff, Dan Gilman.

The Hustle reports on new weight room toys at LSU

LSU and some MIT grads think data (might) win championships

The Louisiana State Tigers football program makes a strong case for the old “best offense is a good defense” adage. 

But LSU, which finished the regular season ranked No. 1 in the Associated Press Top 25, also seems to have proved that data plays a role as well. 

Geaux nerds

Last January, a startup called Perch -- founded by 3 MIT jocks-cum-entrepreneurs -- started sending unsolicited emails to a number of athletics programs asking them to pilot a device created to collect data through velocity-based training. LSU was the first to say “Heeeeey.”

Velocity-based training is a technique that measures bar speed with respect to total weight and reps. This regimen improves power and explosiveness, which is vital to taking down linemen and breaking tackles.

Perch’s device works by aiming a camera -- similar to an Xbox Kinect -- on top of a weight rack and tracking a player’s movements. Data uploaded to the cloud gives coaches and trainers -- and players, who love to one-up one another -- real-time feedback on performance. 

Also… go team

Three weeks after Perch installed units at LSU’s indoor football facility, Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron said he noticed differences. 

“I think our guys are stronger and quicker and faster,” he told the WSJ. He also noted fewer injuries compared with prior years. 

Since the LSU pilot, Perch has installed units at Duke University and will do so for NFL, NHL, and MLS teams as well as additional college football programs next year.

Exceptional podcast: This week’s “Only A Game” from NPR

Good listening

I didn't know the back story of the lefty, ex-baseball player, Governor Gavin. 

My wife is a big fan of LeBron James too. She talked with him in Beijing in August 2008 while at the Olympics in a neighborhood setting. The podcast goes into the news about LeBron's statements about the NBA and its China dealings too. Humm.

Biggest point to be made about these statements of China, Hong Kong and the NBA include the fact that those in China can't even see Twitter. is a blocked URL from all of China. So,the tweet from the Houston GM was never seen by citizens inside of China.

Show notes: OCTOBER 18, 2019

Gov. Gavin Newsom, Black Sox Scandal, LeBron Faces Criticism

Gavin Newsom says he would not be the governor of California if not for college sports. So why did he decide to sign a law that challenges the entire NCAA system? Also this week on Only A Game, LeBron James is facing criticism for his response to Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey's tweet.