Armstrong Park is closed for COVID-19

Citiparks closed all the parks

This is our backyard. it is presently to be closed. The yellow tape didn't stop everyone from recreational activities.

Allegheny County Park put in more port-a-johns

Way to go Allegheny County Parks Department. Thanks! Recreation = Re-Creation.

Update: March 30, 2020

The city has issued more news on the closing of parks in a more stringent way. No basketball nor sports is to be played. The first attempt was a bit weak and not well followed. 

Keep your social distance, even when on the bike paths

COVID-19 message from Mark Rauterkus

Basketball hoop with wooden block

Buck up. Be serious. Stay away. Insist others do likewise. The hospitals are going to get swamped. Pains me to post this. — feeling annoyed.

Various sites helps to organize the excitement

Lifeguarding, SKWIM, Learning, Water Polo, Maps, Swimming N@.