Fred Rodgers

New Pittsburgh Parks Tax needs to come to a rescue and re-absorb Fowler Park Pool as a Citiparks facility

Photos to put some context into what happens in the summers at Fowler Park's pool, once called Pleasant Valley, operated by The Pittsburgh Project

Zack with the disk about to take a shot at the SKWIM goal.

Game play engages with sportsmanship, teamwork and swimming skills too. 

Coach Mark talks to the campers at the pool.

Coach Mark leads game-play with SKWIM at the pool of The Pittsburgh Project with campers.

Lifeguard staff

Ms Jackie and the lifeguard staff at The Pittsburgh Project pool in Fowler Park on the Northside.

Deep end action at The Pittsburgh Project

Robust play in the deep end of the pool is always fun, many learn to swim here. 

Various sites helps to organize the excitement

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