Standing in the flow.

Understanding of SportSurf.Net begins with a true awareness of sports:

Sports are games of space, time and relationship.

"Is it really possible to live our lives, moment to moment, as if life were a work of art? In sport, it is not only possible, we are called to it."
"Standing in relationship to a task in space and time we must be present, radically aware and in the flow. Standing in relationship to others we must be prepared to give fully of ourselves with gratitude, respect and appreciation. Standing in relationship to ourselves we must be willing to know, accept and express ourselves in all of our varied capacities. And, in doing so, we stand in relation to the Divine, at an intersection of two flows, and become capable of creating art and cultivating soul in everything we do."
-- written by Kevin DeForrest, coach, athlete and author of Sport, Spirit & Soul and The Treasure Within

About the author 

Mark Rauterkus

Swim, SKWIM and Water Polo coach and publisher in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Executive Director of SKWIM USA, a nonprofit advocate organization and webmaster to the International Swim Coaches Association. Head varsity and middle-school swim coach for The Ellis School. Former candidate for public office on multiple occasions.

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