You are invited to participate in an open-source project for sharing various "test sets."

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    Test sets can provide coaches and swimmers a tighter grip on the use of and effectiveness of time. Measured items have better hopes for receiving attention and improvement.
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    Inventory and document your favorite test sets. Describe your familiar test sets and experiences, as swimmer and coach -- good and bad.
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    Explore the wide range of test sets from others.
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    Decide upon what test sets to deploy within your team(s) and program(s).
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    Let's think again. Evaluate. Modernize.
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    Schedule. Deploy. Deliver. Document. Analyze.
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    With an open-source opportunity, offer and receive peer review.
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     Rinse and repeat.
Team huddle around coaches to talk about next date.

Team huddles to talk about what is next.

Swimmers, coaches and teams often perform workout challenges and test sets. A wide range of different test sets are used with various programs. Test sets are often documented and detailed in log books, so 1970s. 

An initial step of the coaching puzzle is deciding upon what test sets to deploy. Obtaining data in an accurate manner while at the pool is another challenge. PDF forms for printing on paper, web forms, mobile apps and other digital widgets can assist with the recording, charting, transmitting, sharing. preserving and evaluating.

Vision and Expectations:

This page launches an enhanced way to share swimming test sets and associated utilities among coaches that builds upon the comments from the Facebook group called the Swim Coaches Idea Exchange group

Form data goes to this site's organizer,, 412-298-3432 = cell. Call or email with further questions. Expect summary posts and a working catalog soon.


Don't input any information below that you don't want to share with the world. If you do not desire the information to be made public, then exit without pressing the submit button below. Names, but no email addresses, are made public by the webmaster. Terms are subject to change. This URL is subject to change, and spam prevention measures are expected. Input form to close at Christmas. Summary report expected by the start of the Pacific Swim Coaches Clinic in early January, 2019. 

Fellow swim coaches, join me so we can share our various test sets in an open-source venture with @Rauterkus at #swim

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Input form stays live for your open-source contributions until December 25, 2018.


Complete the form to begin the process.

What do you call this test set? Insert a NAME.
What size workout group performs this set when conducted?
How many times per year does the team do this set?
What are the instructions given to the swimmers?
Could be time, distance, degrees, etc. What are all the variables that need to be recorded?
What, where and how should the results be handled?
Any algorithms, data manipulations, conversions, charts?


There is no charge to participate. No money is being collected. This is an open-source effort that is sure to result in a summary document due in early January 2019. Some or all of the submitted "test sets" may or may not appear as a web and/or mobile app, with or without ongoing, email consultation with the coach who made the original submission. All of the suitable contributions will appear in an archive and be shared back with the closed Facebook group in January 2019. Coach email addresses will be used by the organizer, not shared with others, and not made public. Names, as input in the form, will be published.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Rauterkus of Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Swim coach at The Ellis School, Founder of, Webmaster