Team sports! Humm

Lucy and Charlie Brown with kick-off of team sports and reopening

The answers are blowing in the wind.

Watching what the Big 12 does with its call to return to campus for its football players. Perhaps June 1. Perhaps June 15. The bulk of the Big 12 big shots have said they expect to see college football this fall. This will be interesting. 

A water polo friend said it would be wise to watch to see what happens with Princeton and Harvard. If they call for a return to campus for the students, then the others in the east will follow. Or not.

Funny how Boston University said some weeks ago that it will remain without on-campus students this fall and it made some waves, but didn't cause a parade of many following. The Terriers don't have the sway nor the investment in big-time football that many others do. 

Offense or Defense?

What side do you play if you're a leader of an educational institution?

Wanna go to the beach is now not a simple question

Various sites helps to organize the excitement

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