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Events are shifting to online venues due to COVID-19.

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A-B-Cs with Rivers of Steel

A for Athlete deploys the A-B-Cs oftenGraffiti Lettering TutorialsSee two videos of an ongoing series that explores elements of graffiti and style-writing.

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Camps in PA – a link to the FAQ from Harrisburg

Q: Are organized team sports permitted during the Governor’s phased reopening plan? Organized sports are only permitted in counties in the green phase

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Team sports! Humm

The answers are blowing in the wind.Watching what the Big 12 does with its call to return to campus for its football

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How we’re teaching swimming from behind our computer screens in a dry, fully cyber, summer camp experience in 2020

SKWIM & Water Polo Camp plans and opportunities for HOW MANY? (part 1)Our opportunities and expected interactions with students and families within

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Running Pod Research

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It is not July yet, but we’re getting ready for it in big ways, even on the weekends.

412-public-noise, is a low volume outreach e-blast e-newsletterHi Fellow Travelers on this journey through a pandemic!Now for something different -- including a

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Nice short cycling video

Watch the video

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Page [tcb_pagination_current_page] of [tcb_pagination_total_pages] presents a suite of websites, since 2002, from Mark Rauterkus, a swim, SKWIMwater polo, T&F and Triathlon coach, of Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Join in and play well with others. Surf these insights and ideas from an experienced, opinionated, retired publisher and coach who has developed more than 100 titles (mostly books) for cutting-edge sports participants.

Mark Rauterkus, broadcaster at the WPIAL Swim Championship Meet

Mark Rauterkus, broadcaster at the WPIAL Swim Championship Meets.