• Creating Literate Olympians Here, aims to build a
  • Community Learning Outreach Hub so as to proclaim,
  • Come Live Over Here in
  • Caring, Loving, Open & Honest ways.

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The Water is My Sky

Swimming film in final stages. Seed&Spark Case for Optimism Campaign from The Water Is My Sky on Vimeo. Link to pledge page.

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Go Krista!

Krista is a former swimmer and now a creative blog services developer.She is a co-founder in a new business too,

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Slow down, you move to fast. Feeling groovy on the 10th Street Bridge.

Post-Gazette reports on the dino-geese. Another local bird that flies around these parts.

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Caring & Loving Coach interview – ND

Coach Tim Welsh, now retired from his position as the head swim coach at Notre Dame, has been a leader in American

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Forming an All-Star Aquatics Team — Today. Heading to the PPS Middle School Swim Championships

middle-school-recruit-letter-2018 Same info, but without the PDF format follows.   Coach Mark Rauterkus Head Boys Varsity Coach at PPS Obama Executive Director,

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Public statement, not delivered, to the PPS Board & Administration, except with email and this posting

Housekeeping update: Sadly, my name was not on the list to speak at public comment of 2/19/2018. I had called, but I

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Newsletter delivered to the fans at the PPS Middle School Swim Championships

See all four pages by clicking button at the bottom of the window holding the PDF. middle-school-handout2

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Summer Dreamers invite for students and families of Camp South Hills’ Mindful Eating, Yoga, Multimedia

The fun learning of mindfulness skills at Summer Dreamers should continue. All are invited to a follow-up picnic at the end of

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Join in and play well with others. Surf these insights and ideas from an experienced, opinionated, retired publisher and coach who has developed more than 100 titles (mostly books) for cutting-edge sports participants.

Mark Rauterkus, broadcaster at the WPIAL Swim Championship Meet

Mark Rauterkus, broadcaster at the WPIAL Swim Championship Meets.