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Pittsburgh movie, The Last Three Days
Lots of interesting city scenes in the movie. Made in 2010. Shown on Epix2 network. In other old movie news, you[...]
Poor kids and sports article from CBS
HBO: The price of youth sports is HUGE on youth sports this year will top 17 billion dollars, with some families spending $10,000 a year per kid[...]
Youth Sport Exodus average child today spends less than three years playing a sport and quits by age 11, according to a new[...]
Overcoming failure. Get back up and into the action.
Really? Really bad for our kids.
This from a football coach in Washington DC:
Winning vs. Succeeding
Olympic Medals per Capita
Interesting web site with stats and rankings
USA Women’s National Team at FIFA team uses the profile of raising awareness around the world. 
Brain Scans and treatment plans
Great presentation!He developed a passion for medical imaging. As our professors used to say: "How do you know, unless you look?"Here's[...]
Lifeguard shortage closes pool in Milwaukee
SourceDon't plan a dip at Holler Park Pool this summer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It won't be open. With only 131 lifeguards[...]
One hundred and change — count me in!
Seeking partners nowMy first set of letters went out to some possible partners today. Do you want to help?Links