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The Proving Ground was a sub-section for the SportSurf.Net site.

Open for peeks:


The Proving Ground Concepts

The Proving Ground has nothing to do with sports. If you are looking for sports content, well, sorry, you are in the wrong place. Thousands of pages at this site are geared to cutting-edge sports participation content. This section is geared to cutting-edge technology participation content. The Proving Ground is about software, hardware, and other high tech stuff.

Relationships and Intimacy Explains the Whys of Hosting The Proving Ground

Getting intimate means knowing the ins and outs of a developerπs products and making those products and services part of this companies core-competencies. The Proving Ground allows us to get close to the products, the user-communities, the solutions and build for better opportunities in the future. Village Compass Bundle included nearly 20 products from more than ten companies. Any one product took more than a week worth of effort to investigate, download, install, explore, implement, understand, evaluate, benchmark, operate, and soon-enough, upgrade. The communications for some products in beta testing, feature requesting, developer communications was daunting. Product harmony was achieved, but at a great sacrifice in energy. Salesmanship and confidence levels need time for growth.

Our desires are to describe, demo, defend and detail competitive advantages for these products. Then we want to field media inquiries, and often serve sophisticated showcase content with products within our bundles.


Adobe Salon Model

Adobe has been the sponsor of a very popular and award-winning site, Salon. Salon gets some funding from the software company, and in turn, Salon gets to promote, utilize and help support the Adobe products and user community. This Proving Ground hopes to follow in that model.

Building Relationships Two Ways

The motivation behind the formation of the Proving Ground is summed up in two major reasons: Relationships with People and Relationships with Products. In the past years great efforts have been extended to the task of “team-building.” Experiences, contacts and skills with bundles, publishing, printing, media-promotions, software testing, business planning and technical-writing have built many relationships. The Proving Ground gives an open forum that allows for these relationships to become more formal in scope and evolve to higher levels with greater participation among users and developers.

The Proving Ground’s more formalized line-up of support services that have a better impact upon the various products within its realm. The Proving Ground leverages extra tools and support tasks into the fringe areas of various products. The Proving Ground can foster win-win relationships among product developers and the range of clients. The range of clients spans from pending, possible, casual, consulting and power-users.



The organizers of the Proving Ground are welcoming to other developers to join in our friendly confines. Send in your ideas.


Openings for resident futurists for the various sections within the Proving Ground exist.

Proving Ground Features:

  • T3 speed
  • Redundant connection
  • FTP space
  • WWW space
  • Majordomo services
  • Auto-reply bots
  • Multi-media MIME types
  • Rock-solid servers
  • Smooth instructions
  • Mirroring capabilities
  • Special Event Hosting/Organizing
  • User-Group Hosting
  • Bundling Efforts
  • Other Goodies


Other Proving Grounds

The Information Workshop

The Information Workshop conducts research and product development aimed at significantly improving our ability to deal with the overwhelming and unmanaged tidal wave of information that our networked personal computers expose us to.

The Information Workshop has developed a number of innovative approaches to easing the information overload, and the first of these innovations is being developed into a product for the Internet. While no announcements have yet been made, and its release is still perhaps a year away, we can share with you that it promises to be a compelling alternative to the Internet newsgroup and the “mailing list”.

Currently the Information Workshop offers a variety of software components and tools for Macintosh-based multimedia authoring environments.

The Information Workshop operates its own array of Internet servers and is privileged to serve Jon Pugh’s Macintosh Advocacy Pages.



There is such cynicism and/or despair everywhere. Salon published an article entitled: “Why Multimedia still Sucks.”

Shareware Author Network

The Shareware Author Network with over 1700 members is growing by 35 members per week and expects to reach a membership of 2500 by the end of 1997. The purpose is to bring together shareware authors in hopes of furthering the development of the shareware community.

  • A collection of on-line forums aimed at discussing such topics as ‘What is shareware?’,’ What are the Shareware Industry Trends?’, ‘How can I participate in the Shareware Industry’, and ‘Marketing Strategies in the Shareware Industry.
  • An on-line catalog of the members’ software aimed at promoting their shareware at no cost to the member.
  • A partnership with the Shareware Shop web site. For more information, contact Jay Biondo, president, at 847-965-8928, or by email at

    AppleScript Web Site

    Apple’s “remodeled” AppleScript web site includes a library of utility, QuarkXpress, and OSAX scripts; information on Mac OS 8 scripting; and more.


About the author 

Mark Rauterkus

Swim, SKWIM and Water Polo coach and publisher in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Executive Director of SKWIM USA, a nonprofit advocate organization and webmaster to the International Swim Coaches Association. Head varsity and middle-school swim coach for The Ellis School. Former candidate for public office on multiple occasions.

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