Update and message home from Tan, coach with PPS Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo

Tan checks in from Europe

One of our Summer Dreamers staff members at Swim & Water Polo on the Northside, Tan, sent home a message to the students of the Pittsburgh Public School's Summer Dreamers. He left camp after a few weeks for a trip to Europe to play, train and better condition himself in the sport of water polo.

Tan, at the time, was a high school student at North Allegheny. He also played with Tiger Water Polo.

Tan talking with the Summer Dreamers

Talking to the water polo players about a pending trip to Europe, where the sport of water polo is even more popular than the NBA is the the USA.

Earlier in that summer, at the University of Pittsburgh, we got to watch Tan play at the Pittsburgh Combine event. Here is one of his plays. He is wearing the dark cap and is playing offense, the hole-set position.

Summer Dreamers outside of PPS Allegheny MS after a session at Swim & Water Polo.

Summer Dreamers outside of PPS Allegheny MS after a session at Swim & Water Polo. Coaches include: Curtis, Tan, Rebekah, Katie, Julia and Kyra. Plus, Coach Mark took the photo.

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Mark Rauterkus

Swim, SKWIM and Water Polo coach and publisher in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Executive Director of SKWIM USA, a nonprofit advocate organization and webmaster to the International Swim Coaches Association. Head varsity and middle-school swim coach for The Ellis School. Former candidate for public office on multiple occasions.

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