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We need more officials — and this is much like the shortage of lifeguards too

Shortage of officials at WPIAL games

We need more to step up and become officials for our sports. Get your patch!

It’s a nationwide issue

We’re not replenishing the ranks of amateur sports officials to the degree that we have to. In 1976, the average age of people getting into officiating was roughly 21. In 2016, the average age was 44.

The shortage of officials is a real thing, even in swimming.

There’s a shortage of sports officials in the WPIAL, a problem that extends across Pennsylvania and stretches nationwide. The profession needs to add more young officials to its ranks, but persuading millennials like Strednak to don black-and-white stripes has proven difficult.

  • 18 years old or a high school graduate
  • must register on the PIAA website
  • pay $30, which gets them a rule book and study sheet.
  • pass the test and can take the exam twice
  • background checks that cost around $59, valid for five years.
  •  join a local chapter, dues are $45 a year 
  • attend seven meetings a year

Job postings for recruiting positions. Working with kids and families.

Click the job title to see the details.

Recruiting Coordinator with Phase 4

Phase 4 Learning Center
5850 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15206

Job Title: Recruiter, Pittsburgh Summer Learn and Earn Program (multiple positions)

Compensation:  $12 - $15/hour (Based of education and experience)

Start/End Dates:  March 10, 2020 – May 31, 2020 (Possible hours of operation in June 2020)

Status: 20-30 hours/week

Submit resume and cover letter to:

                                                                  Lead Learn and Earn Recruiter

Background: Phase 4 Learning Center is assisting with the recruitment phase of a summer internship program for youths between the ages of 14 and 21. The Phase 4 will assist with identifying youths whose families meet certain income requirements and who wish to participate in the Pittsburgh Summer  “Learn and Earn” Program. Phase 4 will assist youths in completing an on-line application and submitting all supporting documentation to Partner4Work to qualify for the program.

Job Summary: Be part of a recruitment campaign team charged with attracting participants to the Pittsburgh Summer Learn & Earn program. Each recruiter will guide potential participants in completing the application process, help coordinate promotional mailings, visit Pittsburgh high schools, conduct phone canvassing, and work a flexible office schedule to maximize the success of the recruitment efforts. Applicants for this position should be creative, highly motivated, self-directed and personable, with a passion for engaging with young people coming from all backgrounds.


  1. Conducting visits to Pittsburgh-area high schools, various community events, and youth serving organizations to identify and gain the interest of potential participants.
  2. Supporting youth and their families apply for the Learn & Earn summer program.
  3. Assist families in submitting copies of all documents required to confirm the eligibility of any applicant to the Learn and Earn program.
  4. Review applications and confidential supporting document.
  5. Partner with other recruitment agencies to achieve a goal of 1,000+ completed applications for the Learn and Earn program.
  6. Coordinate events at sites in the East End community aimed at promoting the Pittsburgh Learn and Earn recruitment campaign.
  7. Conduct mailings and door to door flyer distribution.


  • Strong communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of database, spreadsheet, and word processing applications
  • Current (or ability to quickly obtain) Act 33/34 and FBI clearances
  • Reliable transportation

Learn & Earn Eligibility Field Service for City of Pittsburgh


Job Title: Learn and Earn Eligibility Field Service Agent

City of Pittsburgh Learn & Earn Summer Youth Employment Program


Hourly Rate: $15.00 per hour- hours may be flexible (March thru July, 2020)

Report To:   Program Supervisor

City of Pittsburgh

Department of Human Resources/Pittsburgh Partnership 

304 Wood Street, 5th Floor, 

Pittsburgh, PA 15222.


Phone:  412-255-0863

Fax:  412-255-2112


Send Resume and Cover Letter To:

SUMMARY:  Assists higher-level administrators within the City of Pittsburgh’s review of applications to participate in the summer youth employment program known as Learn and Earn.  

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

    1. Assists in the recruitment of eligible applicants; explains the Learn & Earn Summer Youth Employment Program and distributes applications.
    2. Reviews applications and confidential supporting documentation that has been submitted to the on-line Learn and Earn Application portal.
    3. Determines the correctness and completion of an application and its supporting documentation and certifies the application as eligible, ineligible, or incomplete.  
    4. Determines eligibility of Learn & Earn Summer Youth Employment Program applicants in accordance with eligibility guidelines from, and or required by the City of Pittsburgh, Partner4Work, or other government agencies.  
    5. Enters or modifies electronic data pertaining to Learn and Earn applicants into a central data base. 
    6. Uses spreadsheets to produce reports and track internal information.
    7. Interacts with applicants and their parents, guardians, or other family members by email, text and telephone, to obtain additional supporting information or documentation that may include: financial background and family income and the applicants’ age, address, legal citizenship status. 
    8. Assists in conducting in-service training for other Learn & Earn Summer staff
    9. Identifies problems and recommends and implements, when necessary, approved corrective action
    10. May monitor other program and operational components to ensure compliance with applicable guidelines, laws, regulations.
    11. Assists with other applicant and participant services as need or directed.
    12. May travel to other recruitment facilities or centers in the City of Pittsburgh.



Knowledge –

  1. Knowledge of public administration, organization and management principles
  2. General knowledge of CDBG regulations applicable to the Learn & Earn Summer Youth Employment Program
  3. Interviewing and counseling techniques and skills 
  4. Knowledge of database, spreadsheet and word processing applications

Ability to – 

  1. Prepare written reports, to compile information, and to maintain accurate files and records, both manually and by computer 
  2. Use a computer data base and spreadsheet applications
  3. Perform work assignments in accordance with established policies and  procedures 
  4. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing 
  5. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, associates, outside agencies and the general public 
  6. Obtain Pennsylvania Act 33/34 Clearance

Education Required: Two years college or university study preferred, or equivalent

Experience: 1 year of work experience in customer service, management, business, human or social 

services, or personnel administration, or an equivalent number of years of education and practical 


Successful candidates will actually be employees of Goodwill of Southwestern PA.   Drug testing and orientation by Goodwill required. 

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Ability to perform job effectively and safely by utilizing required equipment and to be able to move boxes of promotional materials up to 10-25 pounds.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: General Office. May work evenings or weekends and holidays when needed or necessary (rare occurrences).

TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Training on the application data base and any training as required by City of Pittsburgh or it’s Learn and Earn partners such as Goodwill of Southwestern PA and Partner4Work.


Lifeguard shortage closes pool in Milwaukee


Don't plan a dip at Holler Park Pool this summer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It won't be open. 

With only 131 lifeguards recruited and certified for 2019 — less than half the ideal 300 lifeguards and 45 short of last year's force — the decision was made to not open the pool this year.

"There's not enough lifeguards to staff all of the pools, so ... the only way that schedule works is if one pool was closed," Milwaukee County Parks spokesman Ian Everett said. 

Holler Park Pool, 5151 S. Sixth St., was chosen based on last year's attendance numbers and its proximity to other aquatic facilities, Everett said. 

Between 2010 and 2018, Holler Park Pool had an average annual attendance of 4,486 — the lowest of the deep well pools.

The lack of lifeguards has also meant reducing hours at indoor and outdoor pools. That includes closing each pool one day each week.

Lifeguard recruitment has been trending downward for years nationally, he said. 

And it's not like hopeful lifeguards-to-be can just walk onto the job.

RELATED: 2019 guide to pools, wading pools and splash pads in the Milwaukee area; county pools open this weekend

"We get a lot of people that are interested in being a lifeguard but they are unable to pass the test requirements," he said of the physical test. 

For those who pass, there's training that follows. That training, however, is finished so anyone who is interested now is too late. 

The department was trying to recruit for six months, he said. 

There are residents who are upset about the pool closure, as predicted, he said. But, Everett added, with only 131 lifeguards there isn't going to be a scenario where everyone would be happy. 

He called on the community to help recruit lifeguards and interest teens in the positions.

The department will also need to look at what else it can do to recruit.

"It's been a trend for a few years, so we're trying to figure out a way to reverse that," he said.

But, Everett said, there are also 47 other facilities open, so there will be many ways for people to stay cool this summer. Additional information about hours, entry fees, maps and schedules is available at

Eight outdoor pools, eight splash pads and 27 wading pools will open on Saturday. Cool Waters Water Park and Schulz Aquatic Park began their summer hours Monday.

Splash pads and wading pools are free and open every day until mid-August. 

Contact Alison Dirr at 414-224-2383 or Follow her on Twitter @AlisonDirr

Team Meetings at Swim & Water Polo with SDA18 include CIRCLES

Coach Mark at team meeting at Camp Langley.

Expecting both team meetings and circle time in our Swim & Water Polo Camp in 2018. Ideas welcome.

With Summer Dreamers in 2018, #SDA18, our regular, daily, Swim & Water Polo Team Meeting is going to include some circle time. This new program wrinkle comes on the wake of a school district push to Restorative Justice.

Mindfulness history

A few years ago, a friend, Richard King, PhD, helped to launch and lead a practice with circles with the students in a program he championed, Mindful Gardening. He is not leading any SDA activities in 2018., sadly.

Wishing for sanity and dialog in recent seasons

In 2017 as well as in the early part of 2018, I would have welcomed the on going use of restorative practices within PPS programs. The kids were fine. I needed the circles among a few of the adults who were going in different directions.

Circles and community slide from PPS training.


This offers a dramatic mind shift for some at PPS. With us at the swim pool, not so much. Sure, it is a new wrinkle. New touchstones are going to be needed. But we have always had an approach that gives students a voice, some choices, and builds upon respect.

Ideas and tools to implement the new circle time at Swim & Water Polo are welcome. We hope to document the process and offer more examples.

City Jobs program for youth of certain households. Pass the word now and apply!

Both work sites and young people need to step up now.

You can always call the Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center, as part of the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation too. Main site,

Those who do not qualify for the Learn & Earn can apply for work with our Swim & Water Polo efforts at a google form.

Learn and Earn 4 9 2018
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