We have been doing some “money dives” too — where a hand-full of pennies are tossed in the pool and the kids race to get them back into their team’s bank. Rules change. On day one, only one coin per person at any given time. Then the other day it was everyone for themselves. Still one had to deliver the coins into the bank before it closed — generally open only for 90-seconds.

Treading too

Official results from the 100-yard kick time trial

Gates of the Arctic, Jake 1.21
Toby, (staff) 1:18, with fins
Gates of the Arctic, Bobby, 1:28
Coach Mark (staff), with fins, 1:40
Toby (staff) 1:45 without fins
Ton (staff) no fins 1:50
Kate (staff) no fins 1:50
Gates of the Arctic, Alise, 1:52
Joie (staff) no fins, 1:55
King, Wayne, 1:58
Gates of the Arctic, Timileyin, 2:00
Julie (staff) no fins, 2:00
Gates of the Arctic Shaquaan, 2:01
Gates of the Arctic Eduardo, 2:02
King, Terry, 2:03
Gates of the Arctic Zhaire, 2:06
North Cascades, Elizabeth  2.07
King, Mariam, 2:07
North Cascades, Tamaj 2.08
Gates of the Arctic Darnell, 2:09
King, Damion 2:12 with fins, and 3:30 (no fins)
Gates of the Arctic Noa, 2:15
North Cascades, Robert 2.15
Gates of the Arctic Khwan, 2:15
King, Donovan 2:19 (1 fin)
King, Mia, 2:19
North Cascades,  Jaylen S 2.19
Rebekah (staff), no fins, 2:20
Gates of the Arctic Raygene, 2:22
King, Brooke, 2:27
King, Zakareya, 2:35
King, Imoni 2:36
North Cascades, Kiera 2.36
King, Nahayo, 2:36
King, Nevaeh, 2:36
Gates of the Arctic, William, 2:37
King, Santino: 2:38
King, Zaria 2:39
King, Delayshie 2:39
King, Jeanine, 2:40
Gates of the Arctic Timmy, 2:44
King, David, 2:53
North Cascades, Nautica 2.53
Gates of the Arctic Will, 2:57
North Cascades, Tyrell, 2.57
King, Jiliya, 2:58
Gates of the Arctic Ragene, 3:00
Gates of the Arctic Khwan, 2:15
North Cascades, Jhacarah 3.01
King, Abraheim (no fins) 3:10
North Cascades, Sarah,  3.13
King, Ramere 3:21 (no fins)
North Cascades, Hasson, 3.30
King, Kencrayveon 3:36 (1 fin)
North Cascades, Eric 3.39
Gates of the Arctic Jeremiah, 3:48
Coach Lawl, U-Prep, 3:51
Gates of the Arctic Alise, 3:57
North Cascades, SaNir 4.0
King, Terrance 4:00 (no fins)
Kyra (staff) DNF

Voters of Pittsburgh should face a ballot question to allow city employees to be eligible to coach in Pittsburgh Public Schools

The measure I put forth to council was just passed by Pittsburgh’s City Council and it now heads to the mayor for his signature before going to Department of Elections of Allegheny County.

City employees, including those working as police, firefighers, EMS, public works, and even members of city council, would be able to applicants for part-time coaching positions.

2017-1583 City Employees - Coaching

Thanks Natalia for advancing this in council for me.

This measured reply surfaced in response to Allderdice swim coaching saga in the 2016-17 season.

Video show off from Camp King, Squads Voyageurs and Wind Cave


Includes: Mia, Terrance, Terry, Imani, William, Donovan, Brooke.



Winning a swim race!

N swimming with underwater view


Cameron and some others

Damian doing butterfly

Damien getting a pull on his underwater pushoff in the streamline by coach.

Surf around and see some other swimmers at

Delayshia, 10


I like when I score and learn how to use a noddle. I like when some people dive in. Another thing I like about swimming is SKWIM and playing other games, doing butterfly, going under water. I’m starting to learn have to swim in the deep, in 18 foot. I know how to swim in the shuffle, and I can go under water for 10.

Brooke, 8


What I like about Swim & Water Polo this week is that there is always something new and that makes me happy. For example the Thunderbirds are hosting SKWIM and Water Polo – special event on Saturday, July 15, at South Side. I also like how I learned to dive in the deep. I really liked the SKWIM game we played today.

Abrahem from week 3

I like everything in the water polo program. This week they teach us in water polo how to do diving into the water and the frog and to swim in the shallow water. They teach us how to swim in the deep.