Mural now on display at Art All Night in Lawrenceville. Free swim lesson this summer with your social media post.

Water polo player in mural.
Water Polo player in mural.

Artists, art lovers and citizens of Pittsburgh, hope to see you at the free event, Art All Night, tonight, at 39th Street in Lawrenceville. The warehouse is close to PPS Arsenal K-8 School.

Our mural / poster, painted by staff and students at Swim & Water Polo Camp at Camp Faison with PPS Summer Dreamers is on display.

If you wish to purchase the mural, it is for sale for $20,000. Pay to the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, 501(c)(3). Some sales details are organized at the show.

All who post the mural / poster onto social media are eligible for a free swim lesson this summer at our sessions this summer expected at various pools including: Ammon in the Hill District on Bedford Avenue, Thelma Lovette YMCA on Centre Avenue in the Hill District, Citiparks West Penn Rec Center Pool in Polish Hill, Pittsburgh Project pool on the Northside on Charles Street, Hosanna House in Sherwood in the east end, Northside’s Citiparks Sue Murray swim pool, Northside’s Sarah Heinz House pool or Brashear High School pool.

BGC logo
Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation logo

Working on the grant application for playlists, pathways and digital badges.

Much to do yet as the April 8th deadline looms larger. A number of letters of support have been posted at More are expected in the hours and days to come.

When we did the digital badges in 2015, to a much smaller scale, we were already doing many of the tasks that are desired with the 2016 RFP (request for proposals). We had many pathways that lead to another stage. We also had career connections. We also had what we called “meta badges” that were awards for a combination of other smaller accomplishments. In some ways, we were ahead of the game. But now we have to re-tool with XPs, experiences. Jargon. Oh well.

Sportsmanship and teamwork are still big issues. We need to champion the concept of “playing well with others.”