Our day at Swim & Water Polo with guardians on August 2 had plenty of highlights and action, as usual!

The following came from the camp director about one week before camp was to end. It had a few holes, evolved and what was done, is published below.

Schedule from Camp Director for Swim & Water Polo activities for Wednesday, April 2.

Activity plan from Coach Mark

We had a wonderful day. We got the students from lunch, as usual, at 12:45 pm. We were blessed to have first lunch, by design, from the camp director. So on all but a couple of days, our group was able to skip recess and go straight into our activities. The final week, we often had our team meeting in room A-5.

From 12:45 to about 1:20, we had our team meeting. We went over this entry form for today’s activities, plus the page below that gave pointers to year-round swimming opportunities.


The guardians arrived at school and went to the library. At the library, they got insights into what happened with the morning academic programs for literacy and math. That was to about 1:15 pm. Then the PA announcer asked for a guide to walk the respective guardians from the library to the activity classrooms.

From 1:15 to about 1:45, coaches, adults and students continued to meet in A-5 classroom. We reviewed the day’s activities so the visiting adults would know what to expect. We did the dismissal sign-out paperwork so kids won’t be marked as missing for final departure, and we passed out the papers to the adults. All of the coaches had an opportunity to talk to the guardians, visitors and swimmers. Nice thoughts and feelings of appreciation were shared by all.

We took a peek at the online content — and then collected the tablets and headed to the swim pool at Allegheny Middle School.

At the pool, all went well, including this last width of our 20-width warm-up. It called for “super slow motion swimming.

In the first event, the 100-yard kick with fins with a kickboard, we had two entries, brother and sister, Abrahem and Mariam. The best time from week three’s challenge were researched and Mariam had been able to kick 100-yards in 2:07. The last day of camp, again with fins, she kicked the same 100-yard distance in 1:47.3! That was faster than Kate’s kick time of 1:50, but Kate didn’t have fins.

In the other lane, Abrahem had done a 3:07 for the 100-yard kick in the prior time trial, but he didn’t use fins. On the last day of camp, Abrahem was just about tied with his big sister, kicknig a blistering fast, 1:47.6!

The day got off to a great start and went well throughout.

Seven kids did the brick dive.

Then came some two person relays. We had three heats. Coaches got involved. Mr. Singleton closed out the first heat with a win. In the final race, Toby let the girls side catch up so he and Kate could race it home — and Toby won by a stroke. Fun. Fast. Great swimming and efforts from all. Drama in the final 2-person relay was caught on video!

Our backstroke swimmers were fantastic. That was event #4. Watch their show-off race.

Then came the population race. Wind Cave — 14 seconds, but had 2 false starts. Then Voyageurs had 16 second. Go Mia and Zaria.

The SKWIM Ultimate game, 7 on 7, had a 3-0 score with Wind Cave. And then the 5 on 5 water polo game, plus goalies of course, ended with a 3-0 victory by Voyagers. Those games were short — but we did it all. Free time for about 10-minutes while we picked up around the pool, did a bit more with the diving bricks and our last splashes — until Thursday night when we can do it again at Ammon Swim Pool.

SKWIM Ultimate game action:

Water polo game action:


Permission Slip and outdoor swimming at Citiparks’ pool


Same permission-swim-and-polo in an document file if that is easier to print.

We’ve been to the Citiparks Sue Murray Swim Pool often in the past with various groups of Summer Dreamers. The pool has a slide too!

Passed out this paperwork today at Summer Dreamers at Camp King. Questions, feel free to call me, Coach Mark, 412-298-3432.

Photos from Sue Murray Pool from Coach Curtis

Toby’s photos


We have been doing some “money dives” too — where a hand-full of pennies are tossed in the pool and the kids race to get them back into their team’s bank. Rules change. On day one, only one coin per person at any given time. Then the other day it was everyone for themselves. Still one had to deliver the coins into the bank before it closed — generally open only for 90-seconds.

Treading too

Navigation of the deep end



Update from Week 5 from Heaven

At first when I went in the pool I was scared to go in the deep. I am good at SKWIM. Now I swim in the deep with a noodle.

Donovan and Zaria do a freestyle race across the pool

Cross pool race with Damian and


Donavan’s solo crossing of deep end



Damian in deep


Official results from the 100-yard kick time trial

Updated from the final day of camp, August 2, when we had another chance to do the 100-yard kick for time. Way to go Mariam and brother A! 

Gates of the Arctic, Jake 1.21
Toby, (staff) 1:18, with fins
Gates of the Arctic, Bobby, 1:28
Coach Mark (staff), with fins, 1:40
Toby (staff) 1:45 without fins
Ton (staff) no fins 1:50
Kate (staff) no fins 1:50
Gates of the Arctic, Alise, 1:52
Joie (staff) no fins, 1:55
King, Wayne, 1:58
Gates of the Arctic, Timileyin, 2:00
Julie (staff) no fins, 2:00
Gates of the Arctic Shaquaan, 2:01
Gates of the Arctic Eduardo, 2:02
King, Terry, 2:03
Gates of the Arctic Zhaire, 2:06
North Cascades, Elizabeth  2.07
King, Mariam, 2:07 — UPDATE from the last day of camp: 1:47.3! 
North Cascades, Tamaj 2.08
Gates of the Arctic Darnell, 2:09
King, Damion 2:12 with fins, and 3:30 (no fins)
Gates of the Arctic Noa, 2:15
North Cascades, Robert 2.15
Gates of the Arctic Khwan, 2:15
King, Donovan 2:19 (1 fin)
King, Mia, 2:19
North Cascades,  Jaylen S 2.19
Rebekah (staff), no fins, 2:20
Gates of the Arctic Raygene, 2:22
King, Brooke, 2:27
King, Zakareya, 2:35
King, Imoni 2:36
North Cascades, Kiera 2.36
King, Nahayo, 2:36
King, Nevaeh, 2:36
Gates of the Arctic, William, 2:37
King, Santino: 2:38
King, Zaria 2:39
King, Delayshie 2:39
King, Jeanine, 2:40
Gates of the Arctic Timmy, 2:44
King, David, 2:53
North Cascades, Nautica 2.53
Gates of the Arctic Will, 2:57
North Cascades, Tyrell, 2.57
King, Jiliya, 2:58
Gates of the Arctic Ragene, 3:00
Gates of the Arctic Khwan, 2:15
North Cascades, Jhacarah 3.01
King, Abraheim (no fins) 3:10Update from the last day of camp: 1:47.6, with fins! 
North Cascades, Sarah,  3.13
King, Ramere 3:21 (no fins)
North Cascades, Hasson, 3.30
King, Kencrayveon 3:36 (1 fin)
North Cascades, Eric 3.39
Gates of the Arctic Jeremiah, 3:48
Coach Lawl, U-Prep, 3:51
Gates of the Arctic Alise, 3:57
North Cascades, SaNir 4.0
King, Terrance 4:00 (no fins)
Kyra (staff) DNF

Voters of Pittsburgh should face a ballot question to allow city employees to be eligible to coach in Pittsburgh Public Schools

The measure I put forth to council was just passed by Pittsburgh’s City Council and it now heads to the mayor for his signature before going to Department of Elections of Allegheny County.

City employees, including those working as police, firefighers, EMS, public works, and even members of city council, would be able to applicants for part-time coaching positions.

2017-1583 City Employees - Coaching

Thanks Natalia for advancing this in council for me.

This measured reply surfaced in response to Allderdice swim coaching saga in the 2016-17 season.